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G'day g'day fellas I am laser beam welcome to mope Dodd aye yo you may or may not remember I once played splits do and I said that was the stupidest dot IO game, I've ever played but this one this one definitely takes the cake and I'm, about to get eaten bout to get eaten run away dingo ate my baby hide in the hole alright so this one is, like kind of vagaari oh you're a ball and you eat other balls right but in this one you're actually an animal and you. Eat other animals and grow and evolve like Pokemon. And become bigger animals right so right now I am I'm a mouse which I actually have a phobia of mice so I don't like it but thankfully it's just a great. Ball doesn't look like a mouse Oh actually upgraded to a rabbit apparently I'm a rabbit.

Now I can't personally tell the difference that may be kinda racist or.

Species at a nut but yeah basically you evolve become different animals and then you eat the animals below you so. This rabbit can eat a Mouse didn't know that's how it worked but the more you know what's this I should hide the whole hide in the hole, you see there's a there's a yellow ball and a green ball I've, got no clue what animals they are so like every dot IO game you got a, leaderboard and uh I'm gonna get number one bitch I always get number one yeah I always got to get number one. Oh up getting eaten by green thing no I hid ahead yeah you can actually hide in these holes really convenient, my right dingo right didn't get ate my baby I'm kind of just hoping there's a. Dingo at some point so my name makes sense I don't know we'll see how it goes but the more experience you get the big year grow sort of thing. You also got to get water not sure what's up with that I think you just eat the blue. Balls it's a really complicated game guys what did I say what did I say right stupidest i/o game ever but I , love playing these games and uh yeah you fellas love it too so why the not and oh. Would you look at that dingo ate my baby, he's already number 11 on the leaderboard it's taking me about three seconds and off that's a mouse eat the mouse what why can't I eat the mouse I thought rap I thought. Rabbits were carnivores I thought they ate moist almost enough, experience and there we go I Baquet i became a pig literally the only thing that's different is I'm pink now, what a gay what a game all right now. Can I eat oh is that a rabbit or Boyd that gave me an image a pig eating a rabbit that's brutal dingo ate my baby is on the mother leaderboard boys first life and.

I've done it this may be my best io performance ever in history makes sense, too because it's the stupidest game and I'm stupid as I've got to say though number one has a hundred and nine thousand, experience is is how your dragon is, he an elephant is here crocodile what is the biggest what is the biggest animal it might be a dingo and, maybe the thing dingo Z is babies instead of eating blue balls there's just little baby heads that you eat I can't wait for that. Evolution that's my goal in this video become a dingo eat eat babies but I'll be I'm all down for it what can I. Eat this your mother you yeah just going around eight balls or look at that to rabbit apparently a pig can hide. In a hole I'm starting to think this game is semi unrealistic you know just it's just a hunch I don't need.. Much more experience to upgrade to another animal thank God pigs are stupid almost enough experience what crazy color would wear a fox I'm sure a fox is eating a baby at, some point so I'm down dingo ate me baby eat the mess or I can't go on the hole with him it's, gonna sit here for the rest of my life I'm gonna keep this guy's stuck in that hole.

I got all day man I'm a youtuber is my. job I get paid for this I'm gonna get paid to eat you right there he is there he is kill delicious yes son I just got paid for that oh look at this.

It's a feeding frenzy eat the rabbits eat the rabbits kill kill oh yes don't stop, Fox don't stop hates its kill oh my god oh yes oh I'm so full that was delicious right so I hate the first. Rabbit then the rabbit ate the mouse and then I ate the rabbit with, the mouse in it oh and there's a pig is a pig hidin in this whole once again boys I got all day please nah mate , get in my stomach please I don't think so I'm.

Asian does this make it racist I don't know how I feel about that I'm conflicted mm I a racist feet try to eat him yes apparently the answer. Is yes well it I'm racist. Now let me eat yo ass there he goes there he goes get it don't give up on the hunt he, was kinda makes me I died of thirst what wow I dare say that backfired will me I got to go back to being a rabbit I got, outsmarted by that stupid pig lit minute oh oh oh I'm finally. A fox again I'm a beautiful American dingo this time around I will not be, outsmarted by any asian pics that sounds so bad but it was his words not mine kind of sucks though no I'm. Thinking about it that you can't eat your own kind you can't eat the same animal humans eat humans. Occasionally cannibalism nothing wrong with it oh big green / run then I storm to get serious the Fox is on the hunt I'm on the prayer ah there's a mouse. There's a mouse eat it eat the mouse eat the mouse bitch oh oh, the thought of eating a mouse slow but oh oh oh that guy's not the big nude, big dude chasing me but I jerked him that guy has 79,000 experience he's 40 times bigger than, me you are a fart face poo I will not stand for that get the pig get the p god let's hug him together Colby but time together, have er offenders you can try get him get him get him s yep yes hate the er oh you. Ran to the dirt pigs are good on dirt and ah er er oh oh I ate a rabbit, while I was waiting but I'm still in the hunt. For that pig you are a fart face there is dumb er just gave away his position I'm gonna eat you. Like a baby I could wait to there's water right here I'm stalked I'm gonna eat your ass Oh No getting ah no I just want to, eat a dude why you do this, leave me alone Colby we were friends when you were a dingo oh here we. Go I'm away I'm free Oh eat Colby Colby man why you betray me oh oh I can eat the. Rabbit though I can eat the rabbit oh yeah did rabbits delicious don't know why, people still don't eat rabbit alright the diseases many diseases I still need 5000 experience for my next animal I have no idea what I've become next I just know it's yellow I seen something there's a big in this,. Hole trust me I'm Australian I'm a tracking expert there's a pic in this hole oh there he goes here he goes oh boy coin bitch he's on the run he's on the run catch him . Why is it what's with the, dirt honestly what's with the dirt are green things after me know run quick through here oh it chooses hello leave me alone you can't leave me alone that guy is number two, on the leaderboard he has 85,000 experience as far as I know he's a green.

Tree frog not sure how that's supposed to be. Scary but it's scary I'm actually straight up terrified keep running dingo keep running yes down the corner there's no way he can get through here. Oh you got through there now we're completely dingo completely Arthur he didn't go pray. You can get through you can't dingo um him eating my ass literally pushed me through thanks for that mate thanks, for eating my ass i trapped I'm I'm getting bum ed run quick through it ah goddamn. Dingo ate my baby escapes again oh this colby you remember colby boys you remember colby you remember colby that mother dude who chased me oh I iaa I'm gonna eat you Colbie your MA poww bitch oh, blue today is your lucky day, Colby you can live you can run away as much as you want I'm low on water so I gotta, I gotta get this water boy yellow balls what animals eat what animals eat foxes honestly is it a Tyrannosaurus Rex yep just uh keep shop. And keep eat and foxy pretend.

They're babies and you will grow strong well no Django no tengo we're basically the same animal we've both dingo and dango leave me alone your ticket piss off your wanker leave me alone then go.

Leave me alone then go please please. They go please dad guys yeah yo tengo y tengo you me WWE ring light a match. Bitch let's settle this in wanker you screw you den go piss me off go yourself dango belt the body like button if you hate dango , that guy here's the. Thing this game takes forever to get to experience I don't think I like it normally I like these I Oh games I think this one might be too retarded I never, did find out what all the animals were though let's google app so far you go mouse rabbit. Pig fox lion crocodile then dragon I was right so that's what dango was motherer was a cock good I'll how, many experienced he need to be a dragon but I hope you enjoyed it you're. All a bunch of body legends belt the body like button and i'll sell, you firstly as always cheers .