Hey everybody I'm let's welcome back to another episode of look that I oh so you guys really liked this episode I thought I did last week and I thought hey you know what we'll try it again because. On April eighteenth we got big new creatures, there's an elephant and a blue whale and a saber-toothed tiger in there and it has the double cloth abilities so we're going to try to get to. The saber-toothed tiger today I think we have to start as a mouse little mousy mouse, and then we wander a little way over and right through the thingy right through the thingy oh. We're in the slow water though and if we go up into, the Arctic at the top of the map i think we can do all the leveling up in there now I'm stuck on a lily pad that's great. So if I go into here I think this to work that guy's name is poop it's called here in the Arctic but, I think if I level up when I'm up in here everything will be okay and, oh is that ice it is I wait oh it's actually slippery give me those little little red pebbles I, need oh it's cold no bad seal bad been sealed I'm going in the hole going, home that's a walrus I've ever seen a walrus okay so goodbye and seal hi ok go this way go this way oh now put a day what a day I need to level up yet now. My rabbit and arctic hare w to burry into a hole would you just stop, that beast you're annoying it's actually kind of amazing there's 248 people on this to her ok we're gonna try. To get away from him at, least we don't take damage now we're have to stay around these holes ok this guy is going to be a friend with this guy seriously just leave me alone yeah attack by the Sawtooth. Dude okay I get the picture you want to eat me I don't know why you're so excited, about you and me dude get away seriously I can just dig my own home now no go this way then ha I've made it, away to shoulder man he's gonna help me out so hopefully I don't die of, the lack of water this time dehydration I think the right word is okay we finally made it away from that dude and now always okay, that's the good one that's, our friend hey clean up all the water excellent and now we're gonna keep going this way haha i. Found a healing thing this should level me up pretty quickly we green guy's no friendly bunny oh yes nice now i'm, a i'm a penguin a penguin now we're going to eat hold down Oh decide fast on the ice that.

Sounds cool let's click to run and we can eat a lot of stuff now cool slide on that I. Want to try this let's go after those little guy ooh nope the dirijhi that's reindeer awesome go after a little mostly because we know what, how do we just sit here I've left a lot easier oh, yeah that's so nice look at that ok now we can be a seal or more pork and seal slide on the ice and can, climb cool rocks ok hills I don't know where hills are it's not over Oh does that entail I guess that's considered, a hill ok bad bad reindeer bad but oh I'm gonna, go after we go after the Rhinos tail or should I should I call it a hippo it should I call it a. Get them from your hippo nope it's a rhino found some more berries here good look at those. Berries it's hot outside the Arctic ok Oh is the dragon totally gonna numb on this thing somewhere oh yeah man there is no better way to level up in the early game then. Play with these is that a fish it is my e to the tail hook oh, no come on fire ah oh I can't I can't do it ok reindeer Randy all the reindeer can't eat. The meat either oh maybe akin begin again nice i'm on fire again Oh No hey let's eat this stuff let's eat this and now an Arctic, rocks cool and, there's most why Fox this should be able to eat nice to spicen oh there's the whale whale looks cool okay I'm gonna go back after that meat let's after that, meat Oh dirty I level up again oh no I messed it up oh no um, Jude they're already over the donkey I don't want a.

Level up there or have to go over the donkey oh wow I level up again cheetah ok those DUHS really neat I was really cool ok go after that go after the run the reindeer. Regular dear hey hey hey, hey for the rain Oh get the outlook of Alakazam guy here hey ya get all night I did gimbal hi can I eat these. No I'm gonna go after the student did maybe not because that's a lion hello is in the water a bad line we're to stay away from the line as a, cheetah I'll go after little bunny instead now. I can't eat the bunny oh there's a bear okay we'll get the crab that would be good stupid lion wants, to eat me Oh like this or this mess a seahorse you're gone and why is it it's usually, if there's a turtle okay Oh giant whale we're going to stay away from the giant oil and just a waiver the dragon to grade the little. Bunny oh there's a penguin here I guess we can eat that ok this is this is 50 dragon for eating acorns to the little rainier oh I'm., So close to leveling up can I just keep this little bit more no it's a bear oh no I'm gonna die from the, bare die for the bear hello hello hello okay Snow Leopard yes got a Snow Leopard we're gonna be the saber-toothed tiger just a matter of seconds hello. Hello oh I got him haha the penguin okay we're staying away from the up stay away from the bear thing that's the saber-toothed tiger right there isn't, it it is I look so weird looking penguin dime thing when uh oh. Wow that's a really good boost oh he can slide Oh is he gonna get stuck hahaha dun.

Dun dun dun dun dun now we're gonna do oh gotcha oh no he got to got tiny in went through now you're gonna, circle back oh hello I know go away nope that's a bad thing. Weird-looking fair thing Oh what these berries really lovely you up class the berries and the acorns if you can find the acorns man that's where that's where. The money is how. Old is you just turned into a penguin uh-huh you're dead I'm gonna go up to a seal areas hello seal oh nice oh you're trying to nope nope and oh aha oh, that was a bad bad jump there we better get some water pretty soon I'm here, come here seal ok jump oh nice boost olay olay now you're going to sit on top of that but you. Are I can help you oops and pull up on water again look at that little tiny guy we're to, eat that a-kor now watch as I get this acorn how much is level, twos up watching much XP that's worth that's awesome isn't it he's like 10 of those and rip get all this stuff get off. My way ooh big harvest too I don't know why a snow, leopard on to eat acorns but I'll take them take them all day so there's no leopard and oh we're to stay, away stay away from him wait that Ken oh I'm here penguin oh come here you huh me I'm gonna get you oh nice nice grab and now we have 0 is w be a. Walrus or or or or walrus I don't know if that's. Kinda walrus makes me but I like the idea of Mina walrus hold ice can climb. Hills and rocks ok okay this is all guy who I'm gonna get you gonna get you oh wait let's slide on ice Oh Oh double hit he's gonna know never, needs more acorns I don't. I like the walrus it's kind of slow I've trapped a cheetah in the hole oh hello this cheetah should probably die because it's, in cold and there's a little thing one let's see i'm just gonna hang out here oh I'm on the water maybe that would be a better idea I'm. Trying to get yeah let's get the water come on a big old meat, puddle big old me Puddle all that was awesome wonder what dies there I don't know I don't think I can eat that thing we're trying to, oh I'm going to eat the Acorn that might help whoo nice that's pretty good oh there's that there's a, leveling up thingy down here we're gonna go to that really quick maybe all i got big that thing ones getting go penguin go, take you'll turn and i'll be able to eat you next, did I just eat him what happened I am leveling up I think slowly oh hello Mouse thing now oh I got them a polar bear. Time watch this this is gonna be so nasty set go polar bear polar bear edit, Adam Adam ah get no I should have slashed earlier oh well I'm just gonna camp this thing again, Wow tell you what that really doesn't do i'm. Gonna i'm gonna try moving this thing over a bit like this Carragher nope oh ok dipper dude stay away, from him oh my berries Rena oh nice nice oh I mrs. flash what does that thing haha get flash so I stun them go go go. Hmm whoo Sabretooth Fuller's a walrus a lot of stuff I want to stay away from that that one guy oh it's a wolf's howl, that scared me that's cool ah oh that was I was super hit. Wow is mine and then camp that thing I'm gonna go for that guy yeah I can't like a nap or better not catch up, to anything there we go there we go i guy just jump right um I'm awful is that that guy again now anyway haha stirred me, little mousy little chipmunks I don't think you. Can start as a chipmunk will challahs give me oh I'm gonna get them come on jump again oh nice nice nice yeah go down into there oh no it's not what you want ah. Hurry up you'll get hit by that nice now I can cut across oh you scared me again can't do. That there is on fire he's on player got to come back yes. Yeah I got them finally haha I think I think you stupid okay get away from you oh we read though. It's a wolf think I just hi hey cut okay hit hit I scared me away I'm low on water again I'm gonna hit this thing so. I can get, water yeah that's good got lots of water oh it's dragon said dragon taking damage looks like it look how fast ourselves going up now do these, things work if you can find them yeah that's what it is you can find them they turn into other stuff I don't know what they are but I like, them I night. Oh you is stuck I was supposed to I was combining Oh what do they do in a resin nothing come here, are you yeah oh yeah oh well come here little see you man Oh Mike you can go on that Oh dirty there any my grades. I'm going back I need to run need to run you might be after me he's not what's this dragon doing in here can. I eat his tail Oh made this guy I'm not its poopin definitely just who is like Santa Claus up in. Here open up president oh I missed oh boy oh boy somebody just died ah so, much meat oh no no dad right off better I know better i know i think i can go over the water I, don't know oh you can't you oh no oh no aha Oh get through there oh yes oh. That was so close I did get like, all that meat that bad bad bear thing oh I'm going for the whole what is that thing growl it must be just a regular bear, I'm sitting here forever that was awesome you got away really good oh boy look at this thing Oh what are you doing here why did you come in there can I can, I get a lot of XP from this does it go up faster. Okay look better pretty decent right now does it I'll just keep. It over here for a trap kind of protected yeah keep it in right there a little that little glow, is gonna go for it but should level up quite fast on that nope yeah make it around I will eat the sea shells oh, there's some food cool ah no hey I didn't want to go in their place let's find a, picture we're so close to leveling up now so close I don't even know, what's next must be that a grizzly bear maybe I don't know maybe maybe we're at the top oh I got, it nice and just chew together cool oh this is a little dragon oh that's not a dragon what just happened I think the dude died Oh lot of egress seaweed aha oh no, I messed it up again shoot i forgot forgot again uh I'm gonna have to be the Rhino. I want to get stuck as a oh wow okay that's cool I guess hello I'm a. Rhino rhino hippo great oh it's Nelson yeah come on in here Oh drug boost nope come on in come on in. Get stuck is it we're gonna hide in here I can't get it under the I'm gonna die I'm gonna die, I am an elephant you dumb big nasty older why are you coming after, me I he just ate me okay great all I get started the bear wow that's a real big step back so about the worst thing has happened yeah I got, disconnected. My internet crashed got disconnected and now it's time that we just start all over again I'm gonna have to get, caught up here where work so I don't quite remember where I left off but level I'm 22nd on the leaderboard was just kind of crazy and this is definitely. Not going to go for those those tough guys because, they it the dragon is just like crazy amount of grinding and I don't have fun doing that. But these low-level things kind no don't try to combine these no balls together to get acorns we're almost there these don't.

Even a little red berries don't even give anything anymore hardly so can I just combine this gonna take work on the lake word that's all I've, been doing i guess i guess they got a low populated server because there aren't that many people on here and it's kind of nice but in. The same vein everyone's bigger than me it. Seems so they're trying to eat me and I don't have anyone to eat it makes sense but it's just a little tough every time I see something I. Get here my cat just walked in hey up there no not quite come on come on. Yummy yummy low come on a quartz oh there's a couple yes now we have like 12 of them here at night there's the Wolverine aha. W to let a powerful growl knock spray back oh can they not go over. The mountains they can okay that's kind of cool i wish i wish the upgrades wouldn't have liked everything is knocked back related. I don't really like that I guess I'm just gonna keep getting more and more of berries there's, one of those healing deals yeah there's like oh there's a deer haha now i'm on fire oh that. Guy's gonna get stuck i'm here cheese man come here you just quit that's funny okay heal me up, and combine the snowball the Wolverines I'm snowballs there we go I shouldn't I be able to eat the seal like you would think so maybe the, next level I'll be able to eat him if you level up during a pop and then I. Can eat you hot out that was a mistake that was a, mistake that was a hero Oh no ha no no no no all you're kidding me oh, come on well then you have to go for this just trick them I know I know I know.

I got you I got you now you went right back to that corner again oh come on come. On come up lock oh come on there no I knew it I knew you're gonna come back Oh get round that I, don't know yeah what we asked ago whew that was a good one Sabretooth incoming auto oh I just stepped in oh great oh no oh no bad bad, corners bad quarters get home okay I'm gonna stay here for like an hour this is like a drip group, therapy for all of the role of those guys man there's a. Lot there's a lot of dude hey you're gonna sit here I don't know. What I can do he's in the hole he's gonna quit lawl no he's not they greatly underestimate how long I've been playing this and how could I buy em with disconnecting right. Now and now i can make poop yeah got here oh haha rat noob okay yeah I'm, about to hit Wolverine again maybe I stupid leper just a mess up this has been difficult this has been really really difficult because, I keep dying i keep getting trapped i even changed. Servers because on that last server everyone was just going after me directly evidently i wasn't in their little Club so i just did whatever so those guys, got the loud noise which is a glorified growl and we can just, maybe munch on people there's that there's a bear what is the actual bear doing in here yeah oh you've done me and I stun him I think we should be able to get, him I'll try it oh yes especially when, he keeps getting stunned for being in the wrong pocket oh I got I got now I gotta know yeah oh hey I max come back here would you like, to it would you like just how I'm stuck I can't oh oh he's, getting hit by the snow there's no o'clock oh there how'd he got me again and he made his way back into the blue there's a, woolly mammoth baby yike you would love to eat me I'm gonna try to stay away from. Him Oh mom to sell the water come out of water water water water water water water water water water water park is that it did. I just see a gear like a crocodile Gator alligators thing over you I, did what do you do it in my mind's. Owns man that woolly mammoth wants me team dude your era I'm not going to run a protective service the next hour w here's a walrus I hate walruses I hate that stage move especially this one, yeah err that was a good one Horace's are so hard to play oh come on wolf.

Man ah I guess the rules the next line there's a dear oh dear the walrus skin is. That will remember some wood Hey oh I got who's done oh you coming after me coming after me in.

The hole in the hole cinderella, story I'm gonna jump out and bite him in the button so does everyone else OOP got into the tail those awesome yeah I, really want to go after that walrus there we're gonna do it you're all risk you picked the wrong time to go over here buddy oh wait I loved. One nice oh hello polar bear how does that feel hot polar bear who would a piggy oh shoot hey Rallo he's just gonna go, in circles me oh ho let's hit back there oh oh. Well I'm at us on me well I managed on me holy met okay grill right rail right we're just gonna, trap this guy right here in the corner where to eat him up good got some much-needed water out of them like. That mammoth is it let's just go below for. Water be a decent idea to the water get all right here here we go here we go you got it how does not think, I fit in that little hole little cheater monsters would he is oh, we got a whole bunch of good stuff here nice hello hello hello goodbye hello dear oh well I'm at us again I'm red Pedro doesn't really seem to care. About me too much it seems to know her is doing run away from Pedro you can't climb the hills I'm gonna go inside the little, green hole oh nice now I can sneak out the, home Oh be good haha i look at home sorry max I had to sacrifice you to live woohoo no Sparkle bark growl. I didn't snap zebra there's all sorts of stuff oh this must be the same level of the Rhino interesting I need. To get away from this big guy hello Wolfman stunned up oh nice nice one more one are you stunned me. How does that happen OIC faster than me hey there's a gonna ask I got him ok your top five come here tough. But you're not gonna be a tough time of my watch no yeah wait oh nice, one oh it's the favorite too yeah boy that's what I wanted to do that was the goal see how far see, if I can get to the saber-tooth that's awesome great swimmers dominate whoo-hoo yeah I'm. Hit oh man triple stud my super stunt abilities oh I can't exactly who needs this guy's got more two points try to you anyway nice luggage take the milk. Neck okay I can't haha you're done you whoa these guys, need me yes you do oh that was perfect nope nope nope nope oh oh you turned into a rhino a cwalk rhino. Hello please know that gets done oh man I'm like a monkey eating machine can he fit through there. Oh he can't oh yeah oh I saw them right in the hole that's a giant bunny no back Joey my tail aren't you you try this for, a while it's ready my. Tail nope there's a good stunt there's a good one Batman you can't eat me what's a croc. Doing up here hello rock it out oh you stunned yourself buddy oh wow a nice slide move and there's, a monkey up here too why is there a monkey in this area I don't know man we're just like a. Month I've never seen so many monkeys haha bulk you up the way oh no getting mom come on get auto nope please no huh I'm. Gonna sit right here I'm gonna wait I'm gonna cam you're like a monkey's me oh dear hello dear oh dear no, but big guy big guy coming it run away from pager also hook he got bit in the tail. Let's go hi mare a little hole that we were predicting okay right Chet an output nice there's a bull get some, more water quick he knows good that's good all I needed ah that's what we need nope I'm gonna I'm, gonna camp out right oh ok not following me anymore ok heavier walrus why is a saber-toothed tiger the same speed as a walrus. That makes little to no sense to me oh you're gonna get stuck that's awesome yeah oh, we can go up on top of their can I go up there no I. Can go on the hill and you can't I can go in the water hmm there's a walrus ok we got some. Of these guys who will go out to the polar bear instead I didn't want to throw more of the way oh he's gonna yes yes oh yes, oh that was a good one good polar villa kill now there were, two more yeah this is it this is it right here come on her tongue oh he's. Gone for the whole going to the hole oh he's not going through the hole I'm going to what ok you can go up there I can too you can't, go in the water I can you can kind of skate oh all those clothes Oh a donkey Oh Oh No ah, well later the giant whale down here you do the way oh how did I, start on fire in the ocean give me that figure that whale is that cool he's gonna, eat the Orca so like god there's a whole bunch of things in this, hole right now including the woolly mammoth up whatwhat me yeah I didn't know the members could get in the hole who I just don't want I want to get. Away don't want that mammoth to get me oh yeah it wasn't mean typing okay now, everyone went out the other side here we go going after this guy should be able, to take him down maybe not Oh got good moves good moves though. Oh that was good kid oh come on yep yep how's you go to a gout nice like another monkey it's gonna be easy oh nice that wasn't me a killer oh yeah we're, gonna stay over there now what's that like for monkeys of this guy I haven't killed any all the way up, to this hmm here's a couple dudes northern pike I've got, many of them come on come on no no don't oh you went in the hole anyway good. My back I travel haha oh my god did I get up I think i mighta gotten them tell you what you're in trouble now you're in trouble now yeah yeah my. Rock oh you're gonna dig it up huh thank you he needs acorns oh. And come back here ah how come the big guys close ends at the Hilton thing it was. Ok now I'm to go back the other way what does the Fox day oh yeah this is what I need, ah well I didn't really mean you but I'll take you anyway oh you died from exposure need this just give me some. Water back hello bear the multiple bears over here max again I hit him Oh get it get out there um how. Was I stuck there that's what we need this is my Christmas to everyone there's so many people hiding in there I was that rope. Out of here they went out and seaweed got it look at idea little octopus is down here oh hello. Oh I done them nice oh come on. Over here yes that works for me that works for me oh you missed me how's that feel oh. You jerk me no I'm just him come on get Chloe hits those okay oh nice done haha I made it in oh man oh. Man I got we're gonna be the mammoth now, oh cool that's awesome I didn't know that lucky kill oh hello Mexican this guy oh I can't get I can't get up there Oh your kid out what do, I have I have roll snow what's that view let's see rolls no I'm not really it just makes a snowball all, I can't go over anything wow this is going to take forever to level up their roles know ok so it's, stunned I'm still slow that wasn't, too bad it rolling rolling rolling snowing ok wonder why you're just so hit roll another snowball Oh Adam I got oh you went down the, hole anyway can I go into hope I can get snowed on no the snowball is so dumb here I hate you it'll hit you I did it no oh I snow, two of them oh come here. It's no time ok it's no time polar bear oh the snow doesn't go up on the trees I'm low on water great this is going to take an absolute forever amount of time. Each of those like a thousand oh my I don't really have enough time to get up, any bigger than this boo I have there's still a lot of stuff man I'm having fun though it's just, I oh oh oh yeah hit him hit, him okay that was good Oh him again hit him again oh how did he get away so fast I. Guess he uses first Oh got hit up on i.t stuck stuck come on help me you guys are supposed to help me there's. Just a regular box what are you doing out here you get this done by the snow that's what, you're doing now I'm taking damage from the water whoopsies whoopsie I wasn't seeing that okay we got a lot of water back alright. Hit him nice ah right here take the cow eat the cow it count it count it count. I hit the cow and it got one in the hole hmm got a lot of acorns yeah guys that's gonna have to do it for today I am pretty, much completely out of time up in this video taking me like three hours to get to this point mainly because my. Internet cut out just gumgum decided to take a poop on me anyway I, did what I wanted to do I wanted to, get to this stage basically with the woolly mammoths and what's the other thing wooly mammoths delirious hey buddy I give you two yeah Oh restored I don't think we can hit each other's tails can. You try think they remove. That okay uh-huh he wants to come out and bite my tail I knew it there it's done, 2 and 0 all right yeah keep stunting me that's just great but yeah once he gets to this top tier I don't really have as much fun playing this, game I enjoy it more just straight leveling up and then when you, get up to help Wow when you get to the top tier it's not really fun anymore because it takes so long a level up so with that guys I am going, to end the video i hope you've enjoyed it if you, did please do let me know i think for the next one I want to go for probably the the ocean one whatever that I'll let some guy eat me, eat me eat me up you're welcome there you go so. Guys that's gonna do it keep your stick on the ice we'll get you next time you you .