Hi my name is sauna today I am going to be playing Mochtar I oh I've actually played this game before but something is different. Now i think the game updated or something like that but apparently now the animal kingdom has expanded and now there are new animals so, you can evolve into when you grow big enough so i thought i would play this game an episode with you guys and see how you guys enjoy. And hopefully you do and hopefully I can continue making videos like this because i love the i/o games i really really, do they're so entertaining and also. They are really really addictive so you would help me with my addiction joke that's that was a joke I don't I don't have an addiction guys okay yeah get this video to 4,000 likes, and I will make another episode ok so I put in my name, Sano you guys know that my name is sanic Phylly some of you actually think my name is wanna and I, also saw this the other day Sansa just like a girl from Game of Thrones but my name is sana s. Anne531 ok I'm gonna hang around this pink thing it was a really good place to spawned actually. Because this little thing actually produces food and as I eat food I grow and I, involve into new animals so I'm gonna hang around here a bit until someone comes and things that they can kill me which no one seems. To be thinking right now I'm doing well in the bottom corner. Or in the bottom you can see my XP and you can see that I am growing, and ask the bar fills up I evolved to another animal so that's my goal for today become the biggest. Animal and the best animal in this game I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able. To make it though it is quite tricky right now I'm a pig now I can eat mushrooms I like mushrooms well actually I don't like mushrooms from real life. But i guess the pig likes mushrooms depicts actually eat mushrooms I don't know but we're gonna continue this journey further oh no oh no oh dear is coming. A deer go away go away please don't touch don't touch, me i want to be big no no no no now he ate me he literally a me so. Fast the sucks my name is now don't eat me I'm gross I couldn't spell the. Name with 2 s's which is how it actually spelled because the world limit ran out. But um yeah let's just try to eat eat eat and survive oh my god i'm on 228 place 28 place what that is crazy how many people are in this server that's a. Lot of people right there please don't eat me I'm tiny I'm tiny oh look all that food. Look at all that food oh no no no no. No no no no don't I was eatin how could they do this to me why even though my name is don't eat me I'm gross they still wanted, to eat me but you know what we're gonna try again we're. Gonna play in oh look a shark that's a shark and a hippo oh my god, and oh I need to involve guys I need to evolve I want to become cool oh no I think they're chasing me I think they're chasing me I think they're tracing, me not anymore that's good that's good stay on your side ok I'm gonna eat, eat eat and hopefully go bigger girl girl bigger please don't eat me I'm gross, I'm gross don't eat me I'm gross I'm gross I'm a gross little rabbit oh no oh. No oh no I don't know the folks is coming for me oh no oh no I'm gonna fin, the hole there we go no but what now I was eatin again even though my name is oh I'm not gonna say it again just don't eat. Me don't eat me you know I'm gonna change my name back to Santa I did reach a bigger level or a higher level. When my name was Santa so maybe that. Works better slumbers carry on with my name being Santa drink drink drink down it mm-hmm oh my god oh no oh no oh no. That was so much food that was crazy that was a crazy amount of food guys oh no I don't want them to take me, don't take me guys I'm a rabbit now a little little tiny rabbit if you click you go faster so that's a good thing to, do sometimes Oh food food food this is a lot of food crazy amount, of food can I fit through here. No I can't I can't I'll just go around it then thank you very much oh my god all that food super good taste good okay I'm gonna go up here I can see a little bit of. Food there I'm gonna try to stay away from the big, guys because that is definitely how you die that's how you die no no no I was eatin you know what I need. To find a place where oh I can choose another place to go Oh guys let's go into one which doesn't have, a lot of players so. Here's one with 89 let's see if we let's see if we find one which has less than eighty nine players nothing that. Won't sit I think that wants it so let's play this one hopefully not a lot of people will join oh I'm a little mouse, I am a little mouse hopefully I don't see anyone who wants to kill me oh no that's a big bear that's a big bear, right there oh my god what is that I've never seen that before that is so, weird it's orange can I eat it looks good looks like ice actually doesn't look very good oh oh I can't eat it I can't eat it I'm a fish, I can't believe it I'm fish and, fish oh my god do you guys see that do you guys see that look how much food. There is here I think I've only seen two other players and oh my god I like it here I like it here and the fish actually. Moves quite fast which I'm very surprised about most other animals don't move fast at all some of them are really, slow I guess it's because I'm in water and I like fish an animal if I am another animal in water then I, won't move that far but right now it's going well for me it's going well look at me look at me growing. Look at those eyes look at those.

Eyes focus on the ice guys so I'm just swimming around this hopefully hopefully i will grow i will be able to eat enough so. No one else can kill me okay i can see a little a little animal there who probably, is very interested in trying to eat me come on come on come on come on go into the, hole yes oh ok I need to this fish needs to get out of water. Hell no i'm slow again I knew it animals are faster on land of fish are faster and what what your thirst, died but I was a water animal can I just drink a little swimming around in the water that's so weird ok. You know what we're trying this again I like this server because there's not a lot. Of people here not a lot of people at all oh no I'm just little rabbit don't kill me don't kill me can. You eat your own kind I don't know I'm not really sure actually I've never tried oh I, don't think you can I don't think you can that's great so we're kind of like on the same team that's good oh no that can. Eat me though that can definitely eat me oh oh I'm getting so annoyed at this game but we. Got to try it again we gotta try it again oh my God look I look like a little sperm actually that's. Kind of weird but I move really fast which is a, good sign I want that little piece of food I want the little piece of food there we go food I can't see a lot. Of food here just tiny oh here it is oh don't kill me don't kill me i just want to eat I. Don't mean any harm I just want to eat oh my god here a lot of people actually a lot, of people oh my god oh my god please don't let me die don't let me die don't, let me draw I'm just gonna go down it's gonna.

Go down down down and hope for the best that there is no big guy there who wants to eat me I can't see anyone right now.

I hope no one shows up so I can have this place for myself and all this food for myself well there isn't, a lot of food here oh that's a guy but I just really hope that but wow I. Don't want to go in there I don't want to go in there I just hope that there will be somewhere I can eat soon I, can eat a lot of food the guy, is coming after me I think not sure I think you went for the food just where I wanted to go oh look at that one oh no oh no let's.

Go food food food food food foot off no don't kill me don't kill me I disappeared oh I'm, back oh no here's the end oh look. At the little rabbit huh oh hello oh it's just there in the corner so cute so so. Cute oh this one is actually a perfect place cuz if there are any people who want to kill me, I can just go into that hole and disappear I'm a crap guys I can survive on dry land as well awesome and move quite fast as well I like this I like being a crab, I want to stay a crab for the rest my. Life is that possible no actually I want to eat and evolve into the next, animal to see what cool thing that could be haha oh I can eat this as well that's awesome look how much food oh and that actually gives me a higher XP as well that is awesome, i love that I love food oh here's another one guys here's another one look at. All this food I'm evolving I'm evolving I'm evolving oh. I evolved what am I am I octopus or what am I kind of look like one of those vegetables I can't remember what it's called but. Yeah does remind me of those vegetables you know, I'm gonna I want to stay here there we go ok ok ok someone's coming for me someone's coming from me I think it's safe to, just leave a bit because that guy I think he wanted to eat me and. I think he is able to eat me I want to stay away a bit and just Oh a little crabby little crabby I want to eat him oh oh my god I'm. A seahorse that's great I like sea horses who doesn't like sea horses have you, guys ever seen a sea horse give birth no only me ok it is quite funny cuz they give birth to like millions, of babies at the same time maybe not millions by thousands. Definitely thousands like imagine taking care of thousand babies not really a dream come true uh-huh can that guy eat me can it, crab eat me I know I'm small but I'm an involved animal I think I've never been this big before or not big but been this, far up evolved before food yes this is the kind of food that makes. Me grow fast oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh now I can actually hide in here fully should we see if it works or is that too, risky I'm gonna wait a bit until a lot of food come.

Along then ah a lot of food with a lot of food I like it I like it food food food oh oh my god damn girl I can literally eat. Oh oh no oh no please I don't want to die now I've grown so. Big and I've come so far I, really don't want to die oh look at this look at this little mushrooms I can't eat the mushrooms oh I can leave that but not. Not a huge one oh I want to go over here I want to go over here eat it eat it eat it eat this one where did, he go oh come on eat him eat him how come he was. Invisible oh well oh well I'll let him live for now haha I'm quite big now guys I'm quite big and I'm very proud of it look how big I yeah can, I fit through here oh yes oh my god there's. So much food this is like food heaven oh my God look how big I, am guys guys take a moment to appreciate my size haha this is huge oh my god I like this I'm a turtle I'm a little turtle I'm a little. Turtle hurdle I hope this one can grow big as well because I was quite big before I like eating those. Huge particles or whatever they are what what are they algae or something I'm not really sure LG's. Not that big e I don't think I don't fit I don't fit need to go around oh my. God that's a lot of food over there oh not anymore not anymore. No oh there we go ad to push through guys at pushed through oh these mushrooms I can eat them that's cool Oh what am. I now oh I know this name is Swedish but I don't know it in. English what is it tell me in the comment section below but it's pretty cool I like it look at this huge particles you must get full fast. Oh my god how did he go invisible how did they go invincible I have no idea you guys need to tell me, some tips and. Tricks in the comment section so I can come the biggest in this game I'm already really big I'm already super big actually haha I'm so proud of myself let's eat all, this nom nom nom nom nom nom nom no no I like this food I like it. A lot there are not that many players I can't really see any players at the moment which makes me feel safe makes me feel really really, safe hopefully no one, will appear suddenly and kill me cuz that would be a shame because I've come far I've come so far guys, I'm 37th place actually out of many many people oh look at that look at that look at that girl I can actually eat. Oh my god okay I definitely need to find more of that I definitely do actually those were super good those, mushrooms give them to me Oh mushroom mushroom mushroom that's what I need I need that I need it let me eat you let me eat you I'm low on, water oh oh I run out of water fast when im on land oh there we go that saved. Me that saved me I'm good guys I'm good no need to worry haha Oh food a lot a lot of food okay it is. Actually getting quite boring right now um I'm super big uh I don't really have, a lot of enemy so yeah what I kind of want to be.

Is the biggest but if you look at number one it's uh yeah pretty big Oh shark no no no no no no no, no I've been playing this for so long I'm not ready guys I I got eaten I wasn't ready, to die that's prolly karma for me saying that it was quite boring but. You know what it wasn't boring bring me back to life but oh well I guess this is the end of the video thank you so much. For watching this video I really hoped you enjoyed seeing the new animals which are in the game thank you guys so much for watching. Once again if you want to see more videos like this or more videos on this, give this video a thumbs up and leave in the comment. Section below whatever you guys want me to play they guess we're watching for the third time now bye you . .