Get a g'day fellas I am laser beam are welcome back to mope dollar yo every couple of weeks I like to play a stupid dot IO game I don't know they're. Fun I'm an idiot if you don't know nope dunno y 0 is about animals right you start as a mouse which, is what I am right now and you can go up and be a dragon if I can drag it this bears there's bears and but. Basically you eat red balls like this and you also eat the other players red players, can eat me green players are friendly and actually I have a phobia of mice so I'm like, a getting triggered and yeah. I'm a soft cock let me have it and you become other animals by getting experience like that I'm a bunny rabbit. I'm adorable what what that's a mole that's a mole orly Molly Molly Molly Molly Molly Molly Molly miles come and eat the body rabbit I don't think that's how nature works. But there's a dragon there is a dragon, right there protect me protect me off your dick head yeah that's my favorite feature. That you can chat it's great but uh currently I have a hundred experience the top guy has 1.3 million that Dragon, has 1.3 million yeah it's safe to say i'm not getting to number one today boys I apologize but it's not looking good but are a few. More balls in my stomach and I become a pig a wicked pig you know if I. Stay there's there's a hippo by staying near those boys they might protect me and there I am I am a pig oink oink yes my name, is still dingo ate my baby because our last time that. Works so well sadly I have discovered there is no dingoes in the game I know we had hoped last time so I'll go on boys it's Olga but I. Don't know pigs are pretty cool I'm sure they eat babies, as well I'm sure it's happened at least once what is this this is a mushroom farm that's like experience at me ass it's, a lot of a lot of experience just gotta remember not die of thirst do not, die of thirst just keep oh look at that I got all the balls to meself oh that's a mouse you know I can eat mice oh I'm getting triggered at the thought but.

Eat him I'm too fat go you fat Oh what's this mushrooms and, now I'm a beautiful fox I have evolved once again all there's a mole apparently moles eat foxes I feel like that should. Be the other way around I don't know oh look there's a buddy rabbit perhaps to kill pretend it's a. Baby pretend you're a dingo oh oh I'm waiting you're in the hallway I can't wait Oh nail and this my. Job boy always run a quick stop typing quit stop typing catch, kill ya uh whatever i'll sell for a mess, delicious I'm still in the hunt though I ain't giving up on this bunny rabbit bucktooth little piece of covered old there's a bear there's a bear that thing is huge rabbit look just. Look as a pig kill the pig murder oh no no, I have become a graceful dear after all that brutal brutal murder I have a beautiful dead what up. With this life I'm a deer now I'm BAM big bitch bambi still ate your baby you you should be in fear living in fear and I if I get something that, can come mop. Ok ok I'm sorry I'm sorry how can a mole eat a deer have you ever seen that imagine if national Geographic was like yes here is a.

Dare getting eaten by a more you wouldn't believe it you'd think it was. A cartoon garbage I'm pissed off I've almost leveled up though I'm getting close bambi is about. To evolve wonder what I become I'm still I'm still 60,000 off the leaderboard though that's a bit troubling then o mo mo mo like. It Bambi otherwise you'll be just like your mother I swear to God if I get eaten at this point I'm pissed I'll be. Pissed be on the hunt I'm so close, revel up Bambi no german yeah oh yes baby now you're a mole to just in time moles don't eat their. Own kind what a legend well maybe maybe he can what the what the bro you eat your own cot you cannibal moles are apparently cannibals more limon lion lion like it play, in the jungle mighty jungle the line chased me gotta be careful though it's a lot of bit quick, eat that eat that eat the fox moles eat foxes we've proven it oh. I'm a mole I'm doing this all one life last time I died constantly I've got 18 all the time look at his buddies mutters. Ah double kill double kill double alright sweet we're growing we're growing I'm a big.

Fat mole big fat mole moley moley, moley but be careful because the hippos every time I go near the water there could be a hippo hiding up beneath and there we go all has, evolved into a zebra and the zebra is chasing the rabbit apparel is. Empress can eat rabbits well just put science at the window yeah but I could you imagine if a zebra was on, national geographic like and here we have the zebra eating a bunny rabbit truly horrific you're scaring me but look at this mushroom look, at this mushroom oh and I think I can eat these bigger mushrooms now which is good I think I can eat these big ones now, oh I've got I've got a fight I got it I'm fighting a, mushroom where the mushrooms have rivers the reason I'm fighting a mushroom what the a lot of experience though I ain't complaining. Ok ok ok no way Zeb Brock and kill, them all and eat them all yep a separate just ate a mole well well well oh no no no Zed prachar eat, a deer right as ever ain't gonna eat bloody Bambi oh but looks like it is 80 don't get too, close to the water though there's some big animals in that water you'd only get eaten by a bloody airpo trust me yeah but as ever I. Can eat a deer aren't they like cousins they're, both like horse screeches oh yeah aren't they cousins that's pretty ed up date your cousin me then again you you need a baby so I wouldn't put pasture quick kill. Kill the Fox yes good job and now we have heaps of these. Mushrooms I have to fight alright cool but I've almost leveled up we're doing good we're, doing great yes yes this mushroom cloud line flu so many lions sorry boys I don't want to die I'm already, doing so much better than I did last time and now I Malloy cha-ching now we're gonna go hunt zebras hunt my own comment o Imber one beware o embark. Wamba way away we are walk away one way hunt hunt hunt bro you ain't you aren't going.

Anywhere yeah are going anywhere bro this is my job blood it's as if they don't they, never learn no no no no no no no by now I hate going anywhere except maybe eat a mouse, while I'm waiting oh he had to yeah got two for the price of one in, a hole are you a youtuber yes laser beam Grove holy s no way this is fan right. Okay quickly gonna eat a mole but that turns out there's ever is a fit holy there is so many things in here for me date let me eat, you for the vid ok ok quick let me eat your boy yes what a fan what a legend you took one for the. Team it took me a while to convince you but your alleged eat. The Fox yes that's a pig the pig cruel work some bitches aight. Mateo kill him yummy oh right oh wait since when to reuters eight lines anyway don't question it so much means nothing in this Oh as a dragon too that's a. Drag hopefully the dragon goes, to the rider I'm scared i ain't the king of the jungle I'm the bitch of the jungle, I don't care I'm running away I'm out of here I'm scared I'm terrified I am 12 on the leaderboard I'm almost growing. I need like two thousand more experience all this I swear and white blood eat it I swear on my tits yeah I swam in if I do it, before I can level up. Again oh I'm gonna be pissed I want to see what's it next oh cheta what like game first Cheetah Run to the hole oh god oh god. I I came first but I got away I got away but look at this mushroom. Cloud right here this is gonna level me up this is gonna level me up right here yeah boy I am, so close to another level I am so close to leaderboard eat the mushroom taste the mushroom yes you're a cheater apparently cheetahs love eatin lions done how , science explains that one but that's a trend in this one isn't it that's a trend yes the, cheetah stalks its prey and pants yeah whatever the mushrooms worth more anyway eat the, mushroom burger is pretty boring Russian of all time for the most part I'm just scared of. Dying and eating mushrooms not not a lot of exciting 's happening hi I don't say hi to me I want to. Eat you or maybe I could eat a line maybe I could eat the lion chase him chase the lion kill kill the, lion here is the king of the jungle now you bitch where's the king of the jungle now you bitch chase that er don't give him an. Inch don't give the er an inch mr. mayor kill him your circle or kill , kill chase that's in wired kill the lion all there's a ride oh but, I ain't the line I grew so much holy don't give up now cheetah you're about to evolve broom holy that was an intense battle. Oh so tense I'm number 10 I'm on the leader board and here's another lion alright so I've. Got all day bro I got all day, you can't you can't run from me I'm gonna fake you me out I'm gonna fake you me up not you again oh it's me again boy it's me again, bleep you jerk you know you can swear it's the internet people aren't gonna get offended are you swearing. Where I can wait all day clever clever or was it peasants okay I gotta careful I'm gonna run out of water how's our waste of time, I'm on the heart for Lion you're gonna, be in my stomach hello bro it's me again haha you peasant you peasant don't go hide in the hole again you put, pussies men you don't win with yeah, almost leveling up almost level up maybe this'll do it I'm you know I'm pretty sure there's been plenty of bears that have eaten plenty of babies my name is coming to life I want to quit. Now but this life has been too successful it's that line again kill, him over I think he ed up I think he's ed up I think he's ed up I think he's ed up first yeah that is, like a video long mission to eat that, too I did it aight aight aight he's gonna be so pissed off i, can just imagine 12 year old raging so i right now oh well this has been an all-time great run I am performing better than I ever have in any game ever this is a mate. I haven't died yet and I bet to eat a fox cuz im a boss kill this abrupt. Killer zebra wet eat this ever yes boy free experience easy ass oh man I'm getting I'm getting. To the next upgrade I'm gonna predict it's a, hippo or a crocodile oh you know what I can do I can eat cheaters I can eat.

Cheese hun hunt bear come on your fat bastard catch up to him hunt the pit hunt the cheetah I'm, the Cheetah Hunt the cheetah hey cheater cheater cheater kill kill he's making a horrible mistake he's making a. Horrible mistake on him so much better oh maybe I couldn't have kill ya oh I'm huge and I'm growing yeah boy hey boys I smelled something I smelled something good like this boy girl pants.

Kill its rider way to the in my earring me turning blue my either they may apparently bears speaking in Irish. Accent they didn't know my did a er mari to the er oh he's gonna get, a away he's gonna get away motherer over this mushroom will level me up what will I become next, what will I be next crocodile I'm a, crocodile boys it snowed in go but it's pretty bloody Australia sure Africa's got them as well which is what the game is based on but it's an. Australian crocodile verado hundred percent guys here we have two moles mating. Pretty adorable can't wait to eat one there we go yummy oh dragon dragon dragon off off dragging our dragon no dragon dragons and crocodiles are cousins and , that's that's like ah anyway one hour one life belt, the bloody like button hope you enjoyed it you're all a bunch of bloody legends I will sell he feels later and as always. You .