Hey everybody I'm let's welcome back to another episode nope I oh so you guys really like the last one and I gotta put your updates so I figured let's go ahead and, replay it ah here we go we're in a lot of house and we need to continue getting bigger and bigger I don't even know these things are. There so many more animals and items and different things that have been added to the game maybe not. Items so much it's just a different events so we're gonna try it out look at all these oh man. I already upgraded to a bunny uh guys with the green around of our friendly guys. With the red around them or nah that's probably a fox it looks like a zebra why would. A zebra want to eat a bunny it's awesome uh we're gonna continue just level it up and see, what kind of fun we can have with this, and try to eat the different mushrooms and all sorts of stuff it hiding little holes and go I like it oh here comes right there there comes no you know wait you know wait what is that thing, okay oh there's so many. Weird animals no oh ok ok whoop got out of there is that a pig that's the pig makes sense and there's like a boat, weevil or something a deer oh he can't eat that do your can't eat these ok look at this we get all sorts of nice. Berries here nice red circles I can't get through there oh no it will go back this way yeah that'll work, I like I just leveled up. Oh no he knew that he could eat all these bunnies up here you would have been all up in our business now he's again can I hide in this level. I can that's awesome No try going in here hey i just upgraded to, a pig oh I gate the bunnies now oh yeah come here bunny oh yeah ok maybe should. We just wait hide an ambush here should wait in ambush what's that big red oh that's but there's something cook we can eat the mushroom stamp we oh yeah that's. Great if you need.

A little water up box box nope bad bad Fox go eat something going something but what is that Rhino he's trying to hide hit great go ah I. Made it up go for us go team oh look at all these mushrooms up here go and a bunny oh come here buddy oh I missed it no no. No no no oh oh are you the size of that mushroom I can t it yet get in there get, the whole min sneak out eat. This mouse out kai maybe I can't I can't eat him oh and that's right i can run through the mud. Freely past you Oh awesome what is that that's one of the Dragons oh cool hello bunny hello bunny yeah yes I'm a fox now I've. Upgraded to a fox now i'm guessing i can't eat I guess still eat this stuff good oh no get away from me you. Know wait you know what how can I not get I can't get the holes I hope he can no let's. Go oh this nukkad this is bad at bad idea oh yeah I made it I made Irwin I made it away, they're all eating each other is a pig I can't the pig I can eat the, pig oh he can run through the mud though mushroom mushroom oh how I loved it hello odds. Gonna eat him but no he's a fox luckily changed right at the last second hey I got how. Did I get my tail pin doesn't seem, fair at all I'm going in no not help what Mikey's fighting my tail going to get you oh there we go there we go very, turtle oh no oh got slow I don't like this I've got a hippo and a bear and a something else after me I'm going to hide I know, that's my place to hide I'm gonna hide right here and they're gonna know anything Oh zebra zebra. Ha I got all these mushrooms oh oh there we go we got fitted to a deer eat only mushrooms and lily pads in lakes, oh there's have big mushrooms too man there's so many mushrooms here we're gonna. Go we're gonna go find the lake I, guess can I hide in the hole no I can't I can't eat any and what is that oh that's the person's name that's cool okay we're going into lake oh it's like a crocodile's live in the, lakes of course they do where else would a crocodile. Be what I was just my candidacy / eat me that doesn't make any sense to, me at all there's a piggy hello piggy I'm going in I'm going in deeper, eat all this auto I no no no no bad crocodile do it good good good good getting closer okay that might do it this one might do right here oh we got, one more uh that pigs gonna eat it I'm gonna go right. In the mud I'm gonna risk the mud ok now we're a mold out it turd I don't know I don't know what it do going in any hole oh how you. Need air is this you know how that's that's awesome okay now i. Can eat little things like that money to your career money oh oh I got you, I got you I'm gonna I'm gonna cut them off right cut him off yeah oh I'm so close Oh buddy buddy yes hey bunny hello dear hello dear hello I said dear. Oh my god come here come here Master oh okay I'm gonna go after that fox maybe yes the Fox is. Coming this way oh dear even better oh no my, dear come here dear no no joke oh no don't go Oh made it all myself okay Pig creepy pig I like it need to pick I get, a bit yeah yeah yeah save the pic oh I'm so sneaky oh yeah look that's awesome come here come here, meet you I really you already. You yes I you know hey you you can't go in the hole ah rest in pepperonis oh no. You can eat me haha you got bit in the tail camber you after these guys oh this is good this is your own oh no no nope, I'm sneaky dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun yah yah. Yelling oh no no no don't get up don't get, off the don't get off the sand first now I'm back here bump bump bump bump holy this guy watch him.

Miss dear doesn't know it's gonna hit him I can't move haha it was good all the way I was gonna yes hey quit bitin my tail, your monster huh no elephant thing oh ho how keep spreading me in the tail oh now now how are you. Gonna do what you get from biting me in the tail switch to a zebra ain't your face, off now i'm working with lemons I don't know what this guy does for bonus points how can, I go in the hole I can can I know I can't oh oh oh as a hippo get away get away it's a. Hippo hippo, hippo get home get a no oh come on go go go go wow how lucky was that I'm gonna eat this pig now uh-huh yes pig pig yeah it's big huh, all right this guy hates his brother hey yeah you can hate. Only love around here no dear dear oh dear don't kill what's his name don't kill I won't. How about a pig look up this big there's so much food up in here oh you went in the hole Oh try it again dare ya, here's my tail you uh need my tail do I need to tail nope walk come on there's a deer, oh yes oh yeah I got him comes another deer ha ha ha Wow and what one more dive duck dive run bunny buddy uh-oh uh-oh comes a hippo I'm, in trouble oh there's a pig over there it's not her yeah it's not a hippo's to rhino you're, right you heard me for some reason um I want, to eat these guys yeah oh I didn't get out yeah okay he's after me maxtor know I have a problem mama soda water oh you went the, other way I lose. A beer here's a beer I'm drowning I'm drowning no no no no no no get the whole getting the whole go this way oh ok I have finally started to level, this guy up a little bit better it's been Wow an hour yikes uh. The zebra level is very very very difficult cuz like everything bigger than you eats you and seems to be faster than you, and you can't really hide that will unless you find a burrow that's a. Little bit smaller than you so do our best to level up oh I can eat hold on the lion boom that's not some. Zebras that's what i am talking a but look at the size of. That mushroom to Hot Diggity Dog we're doing good okay you're gonna come in my face come here Devin no mate that can I hide in the hole oh I can't I can't do the underground holy. Thingy ok this guy he's gonna get eaten like oh I think you know Bobby I bet, his tail come here come here Fox what do you say do-do-do-do-do-do come on get in my give. A faceful get my facebook I know you're gonna do oh I did it I cut off yes it got this little bunny what you just tried, you just saved my tail no I'm not letting you in that hole, you just did my tail I am not letting you in that hole no says I. Oh I got another another one I'm doing so good with the lion it's so much easier when you're that. One of the top predators oh come here angel oh yeah can't wreck coming Oh got ya know just get quite but orders bear healing. Why is it bear bigger than the lion oh no you don't does he pastored me too oh no, oh no oh no no need a whole any whole found a hole I found a big ol I found, a big old get some water gonna splash water oh yeah yeah okay okay that's right run away should I try my, luck in the everlasting swap who is zebra come, here zebra can I eat that oh I kitty oh is it it's a hippo that's simple yes i can eat large mushrooms.

Now i can also at the Zebras which might be a very good thing to do these mushrooms are they fight a. Lot less 00 queuing here dive dive dive dive dive dive again hi dad okay oh, no no no don't stop just stop stop no don't don't eat me Lenny oh man. I just got a cheetah she just loved to eat lions well we can arrange this can't we come. Here mr. Lyon I'm going to eat you oh you need water huh you can see how this goes okay closer oh it. So close I'm so close oh yeah I got him I touched it a little bit hey Rick Rick. Rick Rick ever ever oh he's stopped he's in trouble though he's in trouble come here lion-o yeah get wrecked oh man look at, all that XP sweet deal man this isn't good I gotta drag it out my bogey no he's dead he's not moving so dragons are still slow I was wondering about that is. He a dragon no no starts oh I gave it to him no I think I can I.

Think I can I think I can come on come on little dear. Come on come to blitz come to blitz I want to eat you get oh you did this.

Thing where you win around sideways oh I could get you I'm faster than you maybe. Come on come back here come back your dear oh come on you can't you can't turn like that dude oh you, got me you got me come oh you and hit the hole Oh came out of the hole hey let me out of the hole oh there we. Go there we go I smell a lion in my, midst Oh two lions two lions Hot Diggity Dog come back to your lion come here king of the jungle I'm gonna eat you for dinner there's so many lines over here so, huh oh you're stuck no you're not Oh God come back here hey yeah RINO RINO bad idea rhino, no no no bad bad, bad I've had that Dad down down down down there oh how did he charge me in the hole, oh you left okay okay oh that's that's oh boy hey sorry is trying to eat the tail silly bunny here we go this guy oh no, come back here oh this way come this way Oh No okay come here no no no you wait out in. The hole okay let's just say I'm out of water waters to the cell to me there's, nothing to hear water water water I need you and this part of the adventure so in the cheetah goes after the lonely then only now are you hide the hole ah I up to, the pig I meant the pig oh wait come here come here buddy wait okay stupid mole it, says cheetahs love eating lions yet they're faster than me for some reason o.o you. If they just level up to a. Deer by eating me in the butt but we leveled up to we're almost top 10 elite work oh hello hello. Dear oh dear huh wait there's too many people in here hey oh nice i'm a bear haha and bears can swim oh. That bear that money is trying to eat my tail stop it bunny are you go oh now what are you gonna do about that huh so bears can swim while i, want to see those cuz i can eat cheetahs and, I can eat lions and if I die again then that is gonna do it because that's been two hours now, and I mean you guys have seen roughly 50 minutes oh I can't swim pretty well it's kind of nice I see why I see why the bond how there's a dragon in, this one yo, oh look at this oh I'm gonna eat the mushroom 08 come here mushroom okay I found another lake is there anything cool in this like a lion oh yes, hello lion I can swim faster than you can and I'm gonna eat you I'm gonna eat you all gonna. Hate you yes one more like three more bites you're done you're done you're done zou, denso oh come on back here come back here come back you're lyin no no no I can talk on the whole yes oh, no okay I'm oh you made it up come back here gets colder water. Well the water go the water I can't go faster in you in order come back here oh this is the epic race of epic epicness oh he's so much faster than. Me I got a swamp for my own oh he tastes bad I'm gonna go try it come. Here nope ah right I'll moved in on my camp hmm only this Oh is.

He coming after me I think he is if. That's the case rhinos are faster than bears I was not much I can do not much I can do oh boy get away get away nope yeah stay away, he's got me in his sights I feel like you feel like it's high noon oh no stop stop stop stop stop stop stop hey hey how are you. Hey I can go over these things that I still don't want to always, chasing me everywhere would you just stop it there's another bear in this in the. Swamp just go after him instead yeah that's a good idea good idea great idea moving for a good idea is good, at a perfect find the abandoned the fight oh that's that's tiresome oh this cheetah decided to, dive he decided to go down Oh give me a bait and switch here comes a deer connect you'll appear I guess I can, get out of my way bunny no lion hello hello what all right one more right one. More Mike yeah I got him who tells XP I know there's another line in this thing oh oh yes, yes oh that was so close to me k pop Oh pop out. Oh that's the bear I'll pretend to run away uh-huh I'm just leaving my thing Oh another cheetah. Maanta KU i love how a bear is faster than a cheetah isn't this crazy I'm catching up to him come here buddy come here I can get you all you're going straight for the whole. Know ah fox what does the fox say khabar hai in my face that's what mark says no come on get in. Get them off give mom yeah yeah yeah oh i can't make it half hey wait, wait wait wait wait wait wait if there's all these guys here that means that there is no dragon adders a drag, it away oh no oh no oh no I'm we need, I'm dead I'm so dead get our Lord can't pass your dragon outside of water can't come after me, you want after the bear lion thing oh yeah stop no woah-oh so scared here oh yes oh yes oh this guy oh I'm so dead. I'm so 10 now now now oh man well guys that is gonna, do it for this episode of moop that I oh I hope you've enjoyed the, video if you didn't let me know please and keep your stick on the ice we'll catch you next time you .