Here piggy piggy oh yes there we go eating the one Pig come on yeah you you want to fight for your Freddie. That's not working well for you there we go we got two piggies Bacon's on the menu tonight boys what's, going on guys dragged us here and welcome to mope I Oh once again we're playing another io game this one probably one of the most popular io games right now for good reason basically you play. As a bunch of. Different critters you can see some people playing on the background now you can either have a land or sea animals and you actually get to choose as you, level up so I haven't actually played it don't know too much about it but you guys sure do like it so let's get into, it and see how it is starting off we get to choose which animal, to spawn as we got to be a mouse shrimp or a chipmunk. Obviously starting off at the bottom of the food chain and then going a little bit, higher I kind of want to be the mouse but the chipmunk with too damn cute not to do so let's try this guy oh god there's already a bull right beside me okay so. I got to figure out, what I can eat and also I think I can hide oh I can go down these little worm holes oh. And that's going to give me safety but I got obviously find well I eat that blue thing I thought that was a little bit too big to eat but it's, looking like yeah you can basically eat a bunch of. Things in this game and I'm assuming as you get larger we can eat the larger in larger things now this is got pretty interesting art style it doesn't, really look realistic which I kind of like it's got a grid-like pattern we got random around the screen and you kind of just got to figure out. What you can't eat and what you can all right we got a, little bunny here tonight actually oh okay maybe I shouldn't get aggressive being the little guy that I am I. Think I gotta beat play a little bit. Passively right now I'm assuming is the blue water yes okay so I have a water meter at the bottom obviously we need hydration and then the red is probably yes my, nutrition my food oh yeah look at that right over there can i. Go in the water I'm slowly getting bigger if you don't notice okay now we can just to be a trout or a rabbit i think i'm going to stick to land-based animals, right now I can't get through the road though those will see trees yeah I'm going to be a, rabbit and we became smaller that's interesting what's really cool to me is even as, a land-based character you can get in the water obviously it's probably a little dangerous for me to be here but I'm going to eat. All of this before. Anyone notices and then we're going to get off watch out for the crocodile don't want to screw with him, okay but we're doing good so far mr. mokdad I Oh over here can I go yes I. Can go into the hole so that's really cool those are my safety nets I think you can go into the bushes with certain characters too can I eat, the I cannot eat the mushrooms yet who was a little bit of war zone going on over here Oh God okay jump it away. That looks like what is that, thing is I don't like a land shirt I can't tell what else that would be you just got eaten by a hippo though look at all this food, though this is exactly where I need to be I'm just going to hide by this red thing and just run around it look big I'm getting so quickly all right. I think i'm getting yeah i'm getting too fat to actually rotate around this thing now so let's just well. I got to stay here there's like nobody here I may as well just keep eating this I am going, to need some hydration soon though so that's why you kind of got a wander around you definitely need the. Water as well pretty cool mechanic so far I'm actually enjoying this. Quite a bit okay there's going to let them way up now it can, be a pig or a crap again we're going to stick with lamb base ghetto okay could I get them all and now we're a team great that's that's just what happens. Okay I did miss that though there was actually some sort of food. Thing on the screen I'm assuming that's what telling me what I can and cannot, eat we're just going to keep going around here and I think I know what I can't eat anything smaller than me and anything that we haven't evolved to obviously we, can't but we can't eat the mushrooms now so we are big enough to, do that that's pretty cool look at this we are at the mother lode right now of food oh it's so delicious we're actually, ranked 217 right now so these servers a lot bigger in this game than the other games as well. This is going to level me up in no time can i get these yes I can and. I can still hop in that hole even though I'm a, big fat piggy right now okay here comes the level 10 mole or a squid I feel like a mole is definitely a downgrade from a pig but I'm assuming it's not, so let's go for the mole now go in any hiding hole and hold w to dig around oh my god, that's not cool mechanic okay so let's try this thing out. W to dig around oh look at me look at me just digging that's awesome I i have an error thing though do I have to, go I'm assuming I to go to the other hole to get out that is so, cool though i can go underground just like all those cool rap artists oh i'll get to the hole. Gets it all okay we're safe and we are digging the out of here because this little reindeer bastard wants to kill me oh yeah that's so cool this. Is like a stealthy character okay can I eat the bananas yet no I cannot what's, that weight thing I don't know what that ice I'm assuming because it melted that probably is what it. Was oh look at all these mushrooms though this mole is, going to be a fat little bastard a little bit i love the ground differences to you can see i'm stuck in mud now so i'm going much slower than in the grass over there, but i'm gonna stay here for a second mr. me and mr. Noah here we know what we're. Doing actually I have no idea what I'm doing to. Be honest but this is this is really fun you know I'm kind of, surprised I didn't play this yet because it seems like it's a really fun I Oh game all.

Right over here we got a big bunch of red things oh you can see where the mole sticking around I just noticed that what pop but yeah I think the biggest creature is a dragon so just for. Perspective you can evolve quite a bit I. Have no idea how many times we're probably going to figure out most of that today here aw it's like there's a lot of moles around here so this. Must be a good character or something all right but we're going to level up we gotta an elephant over there, don't want to screw with him a sea horse, or a fox alright let's see what the fox does oh you can hide inside red berry bushes oh let's get in there hey see, you later to screw up buddy okay so this is a berry bush now we know I guess it grows berries at rapid rates as you can see. I think this elephant is going after me you know what no not happening mr. relevant he can move everything. He just needs just like a workhorse over there all the good thing is though the bigger the creatures the harder, they can go around or the, harder they have of time going around oh god ok that's a hippo obviously he can, get on here oh you do have a low little jump to get away by the way i don't know if you saw that oak let's get my bush here off and, obviously as a fox i should be just chilling around these things so we're just going to chill here we got water. Everywhere and we should be able to level up with these it's going, to be a little bit slow but it's going to be safe here oh there's a little piggy, Oh a little bunny as well as see if I can oh I wish I could override the whole I went right in the hole and he wants a, safety yeah you're waiting there you little bastard I'm waiting for you all right we're gonna let. That guy go can I eat. This big berry no I can't I don't know why I call it a barrier I got berries on the brain now that's obviously a mushroom Oh piggy piggy all. Right let's get let's get the deer oh the dear can kill me oh I thought I I thought I already had two deer clearly. I was wrong all right let's try again here oh it's actually seated we. Start off okay we do start off just like a deep dial you keep a little bit of your XP so we can go back to them, also dying isn't as bad as it seems should we try yeah let's try a water creature here ah yes what should. Be cool upgraded squids squids can use ink when injured press W okay you can. Hide in red berry bushes oh god no go away from me mr. hippopotamus I have no idea who's. Stronger in the ocean that's the one thing I'm having a hard time understanding, like who is stronger than me I guess you just got to play it for a little while to understand the level up system okay but we can hide in the red berry, bushes so basically this is like an aquatic Fox I'm safe here oh oh that's a Blowfish oh go. Away mr. okay but yeah it looks like the.

Water is very very similar to the land we got these little currents here that, we can hide in and can I eat this guy oh yeah I feel like yeah you guys you know you can just come out come on, there you go okay oh god what the scene up a problem I don't know who's strong it was not. He can get in there I didn't know that either alright well didn't like the water too much got to be honest they don't like it was, more populated I'm going to go for arctic hare here see what he does seems like nothing I can. Eat my soul foxes and that looks like shrimp so good to know he, just leveled up okay I was gonna try and eat them I do like that we're in. The Arctic territory now though being that we are in arctic hare good attention to detail i'm honestly impressed go away penguin i think yeah he can obviously eat me go, off, no please please leave me alone thankfully i'm a little bunny i'm quite fast but how is the penguin keeping up it doesn't make sense oh god come on aha bitch my god. And now he's just waiting in here watch watch watch here we go oh and, there you go that's what you get your bastard will feel oh that aggressive bastard alright we level up let's, try the penguin out upgraded append one left click to run ah w4 slide fast ah nice oh I want to try that here we go you ready sliding fast on. The ice see you later. Suckers all that's so cool definitely has the best character mechanics of any i/o game I'd seen so I am really enjoying, this one so far are probably going to play a couple more of these I need to at least get to some of the higher tier characters I'm too curious on how. They work all right I didn't expect the penguin of all things to, have a speed boost so I mean come on they kind of just waddle around holy . What is this edible oh it is whatever that black wit is it made me, really big really quick all right speeding away see you later and we got another level up do I want to go seal squid or mole ah we.

Haven't done the seal let's try the seal out seals can slide a nice all can climb Hills rocks too I don't even know what the, hills. Are is this I hill I i I'm assuming maybe the grain I thought they were trees but yes it looks like I can climb the so-called mountain and they can also. Slide on ice so these guys should be good at going around and going to, safety quite quickly we're going to have a look at this very tree that's gonna be delicious all I can hide and berry trees. Too I didn't know that go away Oh God, can you get up here what the that's the problem I don't know who can do what I'm out see you later sucker okay that was, a little too close for comfort I gotta eat go away oh god oh god exactly he's actually go slide slide oh god I gotta heal. Quick though oh this is going to be the mother lode right here there we go we leveled up right away. I'm going to go back to Fox I want to stay can we go in the green oh I thought it would teleport me. Back to the green but clearly not now this is a bad place for a fox, because I can't I got can hardly move on the ice we need. To get away from the ice oh god what did I just. See an elephant what the there's so much going on and the problem is I can't really okay I can kind of see where I need to go on the map I think on. That white dot so we gotta. Head cells it looks like just got to avoid literally everyone as we go sell all right there's a hippo there I don't trust the hippo ah yeah cuz I I don't think I can, do anything of the Fox here thankfully we made it out of the tundra and we are in, our ordinary territory khmer mr. bunny I'm a little hungry yeah you better run into the Arctic I don't know i. Don't know if i should patrol this guy oh god. No what the heck is that thing aw just doesn't didn't say what it was I didn't even notice all right here we go another advertisement that doesn't work which, is good oh let's go to the mole here and try this guy. Again oh yeah there we go I just want to get one kill there we go we got the freaking I don't know that what that was a, little rat or something finally a kill though, I feel like I'm constantly running away from other predators there's just too many creatures in this game you have to remember everything oh i think i understand it now the red outline i think, means they can eat you I not certain but it looked like I noticed that those two guys. Had a red outline that might just mean but their enemy to we're going to find out in a second here ah, because I'm really trying to figure out who's who. Yeah that guy's gonna read it okay maybe everyone's got a red outline I don't know though we'll find out when. I see a lower creature that I know I can eat okay we made it to the Fox let's get that guy and now oh ok there's yeah there's a, lot, of red around here ok so yes there's a little bunny you can see he's green so I know ah that that is, in fact the case if it's green you should be able to fight it if it's red you know stay away from it there there's a mole I could obviously eat. Him and then the little bunny is, well Oh God stay in that hole there's so many people on this what are these guys do it are you, guys doing a little dance oh yes there we go oh come on you're also i'll stay here Oh watch out for the crocodile all right come here, you little mouth ok I'm not going to, leave because I know there's another one in here that's even tastier I'm just gonna wait art I'm gonna go back in let's see he comes, out and you're gonna come out this way you're gonna go out this way what are you gonna do Oh, mol you are in a bad position my friend oh you are why does everybody everybody. I go for decides threw a ball but the perfect time oh god does that bad that deer can kill, us that's all God crocodile could definitely kill us too and I think it's pretty fast in here it doesn't seem to care about us so go go away mr. yo you are one lucky bastard you, know that oh wait i still kill him it says it's green but i'm assuming i can't kill my own species, no because we're a team oh god oh my god this out what's a. Bull doing in the Arctic. W make sense Oh Bonnie you you are in a bad position buddy uh yeah there we go crocodiles and foxes working together gonna out of here crocodile I'm just gonna run in my hole Oh God okay he's. Got pretty hard bite on him oh yes ok let's try get. The little bunny what does that a dragon he just shot fire at me I'm assuming that might be the dragon if so he's got a. Range based attack that's amazing and he's not even fighting. This mole for whatever reason ok leveling up and finally we've hit something new, this is the deer that I thought I had before check out water areas for new food sources ok I don't guess, I I guess I don't have any mechanics with this one ok i'm at a watering zone not, really feeling like going out there though as you can see my god the water is a dangerous place in this game oh yeah, they're fighting off water right now there's lots of hippos this is ok i don't feel safe here I don't care if I have different food sources at the, water I'm going back where it's safe ok I think I found a safety man i, wonder if i can eat the lily pads is that what they're talking about yes they are ok so you can eat lily pads 'as an antelope or. Deer or whatever the hell, I am that makes a lot of sense alright this is dangerous but I'm seeing so many delicious, lily pads and they give me so much XP wonder if I can go in that thing I doubt I can I I mean I'm an. Air breathing creature let's try it though oh you can ok well now I feel a little, bit more safe at least I'll wait for those lily pads to respawn and run back all right let's go here we go we're. Safe there's something under the water I don't feel okay thankfully it's a green thing oh yeah, the delicious lily pads nothing like a nutritious meal what the you, doing get the out yet yeah that was real smart bro real smart I've been inked ok we should be leveling up anytime though these mushrooms man these mushrooms are as good with lily pads I don't know why, I would go into the water where it's a, lot more dangerous of a deer let's just yell let's eat this the berries don't really give me much anymore so we can be a zebra a turtle or a. Donkey. Ah man I kind of want to be a donkey but it's probably just a stupidest mechanic ever it we're being a donkey for SW kick an animal while hanging you. Who that's kind of safe so we can tell ya look. At that ledge my little legs haha that's great oh is that is that like the mother of all mushrooms, oh oh I can actually eat these now oh gosh oh hey hey hey mr. crocodile you can have that mushroom that's totally. Fine with me I'm just going to chill in here and now we met now and now he's eating a mole great ok, well you keep doing that I'm gonna go this way does that uh orica have a Santa hat on those hats in this game oh man this is great. Here piggy piggy oh yes there we go eating the one Pig come on yeah you you. Want to fight for your Freddie that's not working well for you there we. Go we got two piggies Bacon's on the menu tonight boys all right we're doing pretty good with rank 1 45 now I'm getting the hang of this now you got. To play very passively in this.

One because there's just so many different creatures with so many different abilities they can seriously ruin your day like mr. hippo. Over here that's eating literally everything Oh God ok mr. hippo you just stay over there oh I got I got you stuck funny I got all , you got out somehow ok I'm sorry I, didn't mean to offend you mr. self I don't know I still don't know what that creature is. I'm really curious go away oh yeah get them on eight stealth is uh he seems to really want to kill me so you know what I can play, the waiting game dude either go of a pistol see you later. Oh for sakes i guess that's what i get for literally going to the washroom I have no idea I'm happen. Go on pyramid ok we're back to where we were I'm gonna go to zebra this time upgraded to zebra doesn't see Oh watches no ok doesn't say anything about what, this guy does i'm, assuming he's just a stronger character more or less you would think if the donkey had a kick though the zebra would at, least have a kick I don't like that some of these characters don't have any abilities at all we're gonna have to stay with, this one for a while so this should be interesting I can eat whatever these things are now this is a little dangerous though of course he's gonna know this is. Mine you ask all you, er ok you know what you you win this one I can't even go in there thankfully he didn't pursue me all the Crocs dragging me know leave. Me alone good sir oh that's not good that's not good they're working as a team oh okay pull pull around pull around we got this wow. That's a cool mechanic and now he's just patiently waiting for me you know what I can wait this, time I'm not gonna take a piss though I learned my mistake. Surprise motherer oh no that might just screw me over okay didn't get me at least what the . Is that thing is that another dragon okay well I'll see you later mr. dragon all right i am one. Fat zebra there's a bunch of lily pads over here I don't know if I feel. Safe but you know what we're right by the edge there we go we. Can be a cheetah so that's what it was a cheetah yeah we're definitely gonna be a cheetah chris w just speed boost every, eight seconds oh yeah that is very fitting for a cheetah we can also eat bananas now because you know bananas are a staple diet of the feline category clearly oh. Hey crabs what do you guys are these crabs because they feel like they're watch walking really fast. This guy yeah this is a bad spot for you bro this is a really bad spot there we go I'm gonna go eat, your friend too Oh what the why would you attack me oh god it's gonna attack me again it's. Gone from underground oh I I think. I think sometimes you can actually oh ok let's try and hit this guy maybe Oh God okay we got a bear there i think i'm gonna be a lion oh I probably shouldn't, have done that press W to, release a mighty roar okay there we go push them back and let's travel through the mud here oh I don't feel safe another screw girls don't don't play, me little by me I need to give this little please tell me I can fit I can't fit oh. God I mean I need to roar again there we go perfect I don't think I can hide in any of these now thankfully. We think, we got away anyways alright gotta be honest for being king of the jungle I don't really feel like King. I feel very vulnerable right now it comes in this game every freaking evolve I feel very vulnerable at least in like I'm not complaining about it because it's really fun but, button like deep debt I owe obviously at one, point you feel like you're the king of the world I'm assuming that's how it feels when you become a dragon here but even like late in, the game like right now I am just scared to go anywhere all of you okay I'll follow you just because you're being, a little salty all right mr. I'm just gonna yep there you go we'll get rid of, that one all the crocodiles gonna eat me know off there. You go that's right bitch Oh looks like we can eat whatever these are now i'm going to call them coconuts because that's kind of what they, look like but we haven't been able to eat these until now uh-oh you better get back to, your little Arctic area come on oh yeah delicious now we're finally actually getting some kills do I look at this guy look at, the size of this reindeer yeah you better get back to your little Arctic area oh things are gonna be bad, for you there we go oh that's a lot of XP oh he stuck haha I want some of them still mr. Panda man always really try, and come and kill me oh no he's got me, ah this is this is my desk there we go freaking crocodile how does a crocodile be the wine I mean I. Guess that's accurate sometimes that happens alright we're going to try one more time here guys it's going. To be the final go people can get any higher we haven't been a wolf yet that would. Service in the Arctic though I do actually really like to cheat us all going to be him all right now this is accurate, we're chasing a zebra here he is oh yeah he's not gonna have a good time let's just blitz just boost into him gonna get. In that little hole no you, can't buddy I'm ah the lion eats the zebra it's so accurate oh wait I mamachita I guess that's accurate too doesn't matter all right I still haven't been able to eat one of, these things so I'm feeling pretty safe right now we're just gonna okay maybe maybe not I don't like being in, the middle of the mud ok back to either the lion or a gorillaz try the gorilla, that sounds really cool gorillas are very fast on hills / trees, oh yeah that's something I wanted because these little green spots are so annoying it's considered a hill no not really sure. What the grey is just yet but at least we got the gorilla to climb up, mountains now alright and I want to actually break one of these things because I don't know what they do they take forever to break here I'm. Assuming I get a lot of XP oh yeah look at that I sucked up a bunch of this.

We're going to go up into the water here ever see a gorilla swim. Not very common we are leveling up quick now ladies and gentlemen I can dive with this character oh that's kind of cool all right let's I'm trying to dive why can't. I dive I can't dive on huh go run, yes you missed me oh god please please God save me all this in is that a, bear how does a bear beat a gorilla it's like an even fight alright guys we're going to end this episode of most at i/o here I hope you guys enjoyed this, one checking out this very awesome io game I definitely do want to play some more of it. If you guys of course are liking it so let me know in the comments below if you guys enjoyed it or not. Maybe one day we'll get to that dreaded dragon and yeah guys as always thanks for watching them like. In and i'll see you in the next one .