yo what's going on guys my name is Nisha and welcome to a brand new book real challenge video on my channel so in this challenge, we mean to farming we can use other gems guys you can't get any other sources of food but we are allowed to tell by, other animals and kill other players there's so much. Food on the maps in Tokyo these days guys so if I hit some food just a small amount of food I'm not going to. Be automatically disqualified I think this challenge is going to be very difficult because getting food is so essential for levelling up especially as a load to your animal but as we love, love it will get easier as we go I also.

Need to say thank you so much for 20,000 subscribers it is, so insane that we've gotten this far guys I couldn't have done it without every single one of you watching this video come on give a big thank you to you yes you watching this. Video I really appreciate you I've been waiting for this, moment forever guys now that we have 20,000 subscribers I'm going to ask for it, can we get two of likes on this video for more mobile challenges and more videos in general NASA trying to, push Compton out for you guys you know just make sure to drop a like on this video but seriously everyone watching this video I just want to let you know that big things are coming for. My channel soon we're, doing some major major things we're making some major releases soon I don't want to see too much in this video but the first, people that will hear about the new releases and new stuff coming to my channel will be everyone that comes to my livestream this Friday so make sure turn on your. Notifications by clicking the bell on the subscribe button and subscribe, it for new can stay tuned I'll just say two words to foreshadow what is going to happen very. Soon on my channel and for everyone watching my videos so okay here in. A new words right now plan into school you'll hear more in the last room but let's but yes that's really the ball nice I'm just jumping right into the commentary on the actual challenge that's going. On here, yes I just and Hannah farming the gem not really talking I mean we're already on the ball like that's really good it's not going to lie. Um it's kind of difficult to farm the gems and there's something that can kill you nearby because they kind of just robbed your gem and you can't. Do anything about it but I mean. He'll that trip so that's good and okay growth here's the bridles kind of defending us at the same time which is awesome I mean it's, good that to Jim kills you as well I'm try to avoid all people we are that deers our last very good and the girl is coming back so, I just gotta run out pick it, up some berries guys I'm sorry I'm trying to avoid them at all cost it's hard to maneuver myself. Between all the studio like I don't know how to do this anymore I can't call anyone the rabbit is made whole I can't kill him, okay that's cool that's cool I got oh I couldn't earn it by one of these guys do what's good let's go oh oh oh you're putting all the broiler okay, it bears defending himself yeah I've got to gorilla bike, so far and okay that ride to turn them away oh we just turned into a croc and there's another problem oh yeah let's go we, are the Fox now. We're seeing all these pale bites which is very good and when Ivan you can gems anymore these days you know what what. Is a gem do we even need a gem I can we just use the no food and general challenge this is giving math XP you guys the gems are so good. For the lower animals for the higher tier animals it's really only good. For like getting health back but really high tier animals really like I don't know. They tend to go after the gems I'm really not sure why to be honest because they don't give a lot of, points they really don't so I don't I don't see the purpose even when there are four healthy just farm them in this. Tree to stop I'm donkey I'm talking chill out you oh I have, to kick you a particular okay okay that's all I have to do I don't know why it's going after me just leave me alone leave me alone leave, me one it is now my mission to go after the center of jamming guys I don't really know why I'm doing this it's private stay well yo he, just for bit me oh my god take an afk rabbit I turned around I wasn't, even doing anything oh my god they didn't even boo say what are we decide on this he'll bite me. But okay we did find, the big gem so I mean the big stone whatever you want to call it in but the skin they're like points I don't know what to say anymore okay there's a pig next to me in a wine, your wine stop. Stop stop okay can be can be friendly I guess and I mean we're on fire but we're getting enough health back no stopper, lines don't dare hit me okay this black dragon as well and another dragon. Hopefully these guys are just chill yo yo stop oh my gosh you can be like I Ryan I run stop writing me on fire okay okay we gotta run spitting between dogs.

There's no I'm gonna get revenge on that stupid guy named for Romney whatever yeah the dragon named her ah me, stupid her wrong make telling me all the time oh stop it stop it you two stop all we tell, bit of that's what you'll get so give. Me that Jim give me that Jim that's right get killed yeah right get rekt by the crocodile yeah yeah I mean I kill that pig I don't, know what he was doing that was a pretty bad fell to be honest I don't I don't see what the purpose was for just going up to me, trying to tell by me when you're with one hit away from dying but oh my god these moles Joe. Everyone says savagely say oh god she don't know no no okay okay he wants. That Jim whenever a predator tries to kill me when I'm. Farming a gem I just automatically need to reconsider Jim by default because I can't defend and no this cheater this has to die.

Oh my god I can't help it I can't kick the mighty chicken guys Oh oh my god no how is he. Not dead no I gotta go come on, right if I wait how am I not doing this right now I'm going after hunt down down down right come on one more bite one more bite or kick come on come on, stop running stop running I want this okay well how is he not dead what, what this is annoying me right now okay this hippo has no idea yet no cheetah yeah no idea I was in there okay here we, go in a gem to top it off you're out of my face rabbit my Jim this is my, jam no okay maybe not maybe not a line go come on. I just wanted a Jim I just want to have a gem yo I. Can't believe ready to tell that that bear right there okay let's run it killed out whatever its name is zebra yeah we got it with God me God let's go and okay okay never mind. I got a runaway from the cat stop it oh yeah no no I gotta run. A good run oh my god there's a croc and. I know oh my god I turned around I'm so stupid when you want revenge on the entire server or entire Lobby whatever you want to call it you have to go for the, number one guy who's currently a black dragon don't let show this server who we are we are nation from nation, clan oh wait. I wasn't supposed to say that okay nevermind oh well let's go wait this guy oh my god how are we gonna do yoga we are you just. Got that no way we are about to die let's go let's go it's run stop a dragon stop stop oh we can no no no I'm alive I'm alive yeah. We got that now bye to be perfectly honest that literally gave like nothing oh. My god we just helped it up black dragon, that's such a well pretty high score and we hardly got any points I think that's one like that he'll. Buy up there whatever um is he boss like them at a point you get from Hellboy well I did die again guys I went for the black dragon oh my god okay whatever, I mean we are back at lion so that's good and we're about to level up because if this Opie gemin. I mean because I'm also yes as we are the bear nice and it's nice it's gem it's looking. Good like we've been getting so many points from the gems I'm having in a while like I'm liking, this only gem challenge, and like we're picking out a few berries here because of the gem like moving I wish we could move it in a better way but I can't pick. Up that mushroom when you're gonna be risky once again because we are okay guys we are a bear oh my God. We're gonna wreck everyone let's go that there is dead and this mole is about. To die as well and this box okay okay you live and you know I'm healing the OP. I'm getting points like this is swell this is a swell time invoke the IO for us, and like we're just dominating this gem completely as long as the dragon doesn't come by on its awesome piece in my pouch laughs so we'll. Just keep getting points here look I'm showing I'm showing right here at almost 34.

Hey not bad and this is the best way of farming I mean obviously for the only gem challenge like this. Is the best way we can farm but we could also tell by people tell people so I think would be better to stuff from predators or prey, down wherever they pray guys um yeah I don't know it's a decent steady way, of farming is once again really receiving score in the lava okay this okay okay that seems a bit dangerous okay we're about to leave the lava a drought will house the old ol. To come after me okay okay that dragon is not chasing oh my god. We almost died right there okay okay but we live that was really risky like way too risky I know I said risky at 20, times so far my con go stop it stop it oh my god caught him no oh my. God oh stop we lived we know oh my god that Rhino he really went right past me that would take a. Truck hitting a. Car right there I'm so close we literally just speared out of the way guys I don't know how. I survived that do it but one the left bottom block with the end tag okay stop screams yo thank you so much for using the end tag I. Really appreciate everyone that uses it like that's awesome guys and tag is the best but you've got to use that end tag when you play both the I. Oh I am NOT going to lie this is not the best place to be but I. Think it's a good opportunity to get a bite or something um I mean that Rio just got one yo we, get this we. Get this month is there any more try yo-yo with him cool oh my god yo 99a we are the Prophet I almost of I know already what oh my god went back in the hole yo he's a mad, he is mad raging right now that I got that tell by does. Not want me to have that like oh. My god I was so good oh my god I was just getting some water and this happened I'm not even joking what is this this is a hippo stalking me too I'm psyching me are there way. Teaming up on me right now I can't do anything I was. Just getting some water I was just oh my what what how much less to, counter these guys okay okay can we run right now or no I can't how if we can you escape this or not I'm. About to just go for it like I don't even care can we escape or is he gonna block me I'm let's just go let's just go let's, go no no no no what no wanna stop oh I'm dead I'm dead I came in dragon just, have to come in there and some wipes up to kill like I swear I'm so unlucky. I wouldn't say I'm really unlucky because I mean actually played this game it just revolves around walk a while where you. Are at one point in the game and what has happened in those situations so you're gonna get walking a while and very unlucky, as you play the game just.

Naturally and it just balances out so I think I'm just gonna end up there guys like you know that. Was a pretty successful challenge video I guess we got almost to Brian oh we harmed a major gem in the center like that big gem we got little, gems kind of learned how it feels to farm without yo I'm coming to Sita oh my god no GG yes okay. But we got the feel for how a farming is without using actual, food just using the G we used to leave a comment down below letting me know more challenges and stuff I could do or any other game ideas, video ideas I don't care yeah I of games like there's tons of. Them out there recommend some in the comment section down below I mean even this challenge mists of recommendation I got at, least like talking for people asking me for the same challenge so that's why I'm doing it once again guys I'm releasing some huge. Announcements this weekend. And on the Friday wives scream so if you want to hear those that are we make sure to come to the live stream but yeah I'm just gonna end the video here so if you. Guys so much for watching this video if you're new and you're not one of those 20,000 people subscribe to make sure to. Subscribe to my channel drop a like on this video if you haven't already. And please share guys like you gotta share this video I know why people don't even know how to share it I'll look up how to share, video I don't even know to share, on social media and stuff like that guys share it with your friends tell them to subscribe to nation thanks, once again for watching to the end of this video and I will see you guys in the next one peace you. .