Hey everybody I'm let's welcome back to mope dot IO that right there is what we're gonna try to do today where it becomes a true, master big blue whale mainly because they really like how it looks that's one of the coolest looking little critters that I've seen in a nice game I don't want, to play on that server so we go let's go to Texas 18 sure that sounds, good we're going to use that one and we were played up and we're to start as a shrimp oh great shrimp this is this. Is how you die it, really easily its appointed right away good through their razor look how fast your little animal that's okay hey squeak through there hi. We go down it though no okay there's a little another little fishing we'll come back this way good good and I'm just gonna have to eat a whole look. What let's found no no no no no no. No no ah ah got it whoa ah get out get out of here oh you getting eaten there's a wolf what's the. Wolf doing in the water he's gonna get ripped apart no bad wit that squid protect me protect me my friends whoops totally did not recognize that they got what, i do you think shoot okay oh well that's it that's crazy. Name there I don't know I'm gonna run on water or when I go let's get back into work there we go there we go that's like I'm. A bunny how'd that happen don't want to be a, bunny I'm a lovable see bunny now I can't not work that one sneaky says stupid things sit there.

They've got the red shell on him and I didn't realize that it had a red quarter whoopsies, there we go assembly might call me crazy oh wait for episode when your fish two fish are pretty difficult because everyone can go in and out of water and like everyone can go underwater and it's, a little bit tough to do I'm gonna try the vest again like you can't. Hide sometimes you can't hide and with some of the land. Fish and this one you can hide a lot with the water bitch but going after a, turtle to Tony oh no no no no I think I got him anyway Wow get in the water kiddo you don't get the whole okay level. Up hold on here hold on we're going to go after that that thing over here this, thing right here for everyone else's not right now yeah this is how I level up this. Is how we level up look out faster oh we're gonna get eaten by whatever that is jump nope nope nope I can't duck hey get in the hole wow, there's so much happening right here go. Back court going back for it you ever go here we go yes now the crab little bit of interpretive oh my inner seubert loving this is actually. Enjoy a burger crap remember little faster loading up now seahorse shoot, away get away in the wall in the hole go back for it nope that's good thing you need me okay now we're going for it oh man. Look at it the big blue whales got the big splish splash.

Oh no no not allowed eat me and I love evening yes quit uh-huh nice i ate the whole thing now wow we can eat, the sea grass or seaweed whatever it's called hi hello hello well what why are you get away from me you know quake. Hey eat their little green thing that's squirt annoying I'm gonna eat it if you don't walk there it is my face there's another one. Uh-huh come here okay whoa morning are you guys doing ah oh bradsta face oh that turtle you need it oh man is that Orca killer, whale man I don't know my like being up in there the pre populated server there's a, lot of dudes around here hello my face yes another another victory there's a, turtle we eat that turtle meat that turtle oh great nope nope nope nope ha done it nice done to everyone okay. OH the stone is healing you seriously no no you're just gonna take the stuff okay I want to jump up beneath that guy's tail, try to you anyway nope ah ha ha ha oh no no. No no no no bad idea bad idea get old there's a lot. Of mess going on out there that's where I was gonna do I was gonna go up that way we're so low on health I don't. Want to jump out of here what no no nope nope ah man there's so many people around I can't get. Out of here and I don't want to get out of here hey now again I can just o'neill's you yes I'm a jellyfish. Jellyfish oh hey come here I already grabbed you hey hey fish fish, American yes oh no no no no bad bed Wow oh no no no no get out of here you don't get healed, up go ahead and no we're not gonna hide or not go ahead we're gonna we got this I got this just get away, from everyone now we're gonna eat starfish or. Gonna stay away from mafia man going to come up here eat some plankton you go after this guy oh we didn't eat the big one who hello ah good in me, all this guy this guy oh I am I had a brick we gotta we got him we got him come, over oh I'm gonna trap you oh oh I got you I got you I got up yes turtle time totally, gnarly oh we gotta hide some blue whale to rest of this time help but there's a crack in swimmin around, shoot there's.

So much stuff here surprised we haven't got eaten yet I want to jump out you that guy's tail I think I will. It comes out again I'm going to pop out right and then snap his tail got it that was awesome that's like a whole bunch of XP doing that over and over again I try that, again oh boy internet hey let's go this way get this stuff Oh a big big 10, big one big one I got this I got this for an hour no hey you're, supposed to shock get in the hole thank you thank you mr. guy pushing. Away I just turned into a blue way of life Wow it says that guy bok-bok-bok oh it's, so close come here come here come here Rick I guess I got a puffer fish oh oh it was good timing Oh is dragging it up in our ocean now poop we're. In a jet bug in that turtle that's what we're gonna do oh no no clothes damn it may be that. Dragon tail bark oh I got it I. Got it yet here's a turtle for me turn over 3000 turtleman barbed my face oh good so many so many turns that's the way. To level up these guys you eat a dragon tail or a giant blue whale tail I'm gonna do this again oh no oh no nope nope oh. You know what I'm going for it on, to your parrot of charge charge oh no he's after me he's after me yeah you know Cameron stay away definitely gonna stay away now oh that's what I need I need one, I need to a tasty so luscious we hardly level up anymore. But it's worth it for XP look at that guy let go fast you too little one and we go okay Sharky oh no ghetto get. Though there's so many people I want to know how many people. Are in here I know I hit it I hit the tail and I mean. I'm in you didn't know what happened I'm gonna go this way I eat some pebbles over here for a while bump bump bump bump oh yeah dodged me. Yep here we go here's a tip hail haha no think I, got hit not him okay got the blue whale order to get the blue whale tail I tried no Joey charge go to hear get, out of here help help help help help help I made through I, made it through somehow oh I got his tail I just put this deal a little bit I should do it again it's probably as if I do to get him dead I. Get close to here hey. Close to me oh no no no it was it was worth it puffer fish you did a puffer fish oh there's so many of them no but huh oh, I was bad bad shot here we go aha i think i got on your oh that was sneaky, that was a sneak-attack little monster is waiting on purpose ah too bad well let's go, after poop here when it cooks Dale they get it no look at me oh I'm uh oh I got it, nice I was a I was a water line somehow I got water lions oh oh don't. Eat me don't eat me bro oh you got it I didn't Oh crocodile get away from the crock of dragons oil. Boom boom boom got him come here come here come here jellyfish come here jelly bean oh no, your turn all your step now you're stuck Oh were you I'm gonna charge you charge charge charge charge chuckles what a, worthless charge hello crocodile ready Get Set charge charge charge charge oh yeah dodged me again charge charge charge charge uh I got you got you. Get more condoms yes I got stung but that's fine I don't care don't care crack get the water Oh somebody Biggs is, that in order oh hello my permission oh no no ah man yes that could I know he. Was there I found river rafting adventures be quite enjoyable as long as you stay away from the dragon because there's, always some sort of fun little derpy animal in here that gets stuck and they don't know how to get. Out or they can't because I can't swim so you just kind of swim right through eating all the Shroomish rooms then. You get to the other, side oh whoa whoa bad idea okay we're gonna sneak past him a sneak back yeah see they don't really care too much and. Landed darling animals there's a little sting ray trying to swim upstream are you shocked me I think I could can I go upstream to I might be able to why not being, worth my time now we're going to go after ray oh here what oh you little little dodge deck oh yeah. Almost empanada is now it could be an octopus cool a river reppin octopus, hi co Paula nice that is very very easy works great it goes good on toast oh let's hit this guy yeah yeah these. Mushrooms are, was an absolute a ton of experience so I'm gonna eat this all day what did that look at my bar no up there's a hippopotamus hippopotamus so now what I do is I just run over, the top eat the seahorse like. So oh maybe this guy's I could disguise myself the mushroom there's another seahorse I like eating those big seaweed, wraps to help forums are called Oh what get out the way mo hello Pat's quit oh I didn't eat tonight oh there's another way all don't know no, bad wale bad will get me get me in the hole give me in the hole give me hey, okay I'm gonna jump out invited sale jump jump jump get off at home he knows he knows what I'm doing so I'm not going to try it, again everyone this way, I'm just gonna stay away from the giant whale oh that would have been a lot of experience I like that guy hmm oh there's poop again Mandy's whales are so gigantic, I don't like him I. Want to be one but I I don't it's just so hard to get there so it seems like there's welcome for giant blue whales on this side of the, map I'm gonna have to go to the other side I want to I want a wrap oh, here's Chris career Chris can I swim faster to you maybe I'll uh get all those XP yeah see this is why nobody seems to go on the. Rivers and there's always stuff here, and there's always going to be one of the healing things there Nicholas you should have just sat in there you should have there's a deer in. The water they always get away from yes this is nice nice so. Much stuff here's a pig I can't eat the pig I can't eat croc anymore get out of my River crocodile get out of my river my River there's, a rhino right off with those tusk tusk tusk elephant ride home oh yeah yeah boy yeah boy. Your boy just eaten it Oh I'm in trouble under the island can't touch this okay that was excellent I've, been his tail and he didn't even know what hit them there's a cheetah in the water hello cheetah what are you doing here buddy, where are you doing here ha ah yes there's, a monkey hello monkey in the wall Kraken stay away from the Kraken he's a squiz instead yeah get going get going haha ok so there's a, dragon here and a Kraken I'm going to eat that Kraken sale I want you it's also a little orca oh, there's a hippo sure there's a lot of stuff here oh man there's a big blue whale to. Where did he come from I is just so much depth in this little, whirlpool while there's two giant blue whales a Kraken and a dragon I'll camped out right here Wow oh the origins this is fun, just to watch okay and I'm still in here is it Oh at least you ought oh I don't want to go in. The hole I don't want to go I don't want to go. In the hole yet yes come on yeah yeah yeah oh ok we're a boost boost go on get out oh ok. Buddy matters discussion before oh no you got it by an elephant now bad elephant Oh get the watch no that's a real. Cool purple dye boost boost get on there go go go oh so scary shall we dare to go on another river rafting trip I think. We shall dude oh here's their cracking no bad idea bad idea extra boost so let's get out of here, oh no oh no I got no that. Time bad timing go go go oh man ah I was stupid I didn't realize there's a dragon or a cracking stuck in there I always started with octopus again rose let's try our, shark river adventure again whoo oh come here croc come here oh come here. Turtle yeah see this is what I like everyone just kind of all battles it whoa okay booster way lose the weight man open hello hey wait what's. This puffer fish doing here I'm going to eat that and a puffer fish uh-huh yes and now i'ma eat. The cheetah and alliance I'll you roared at. Me oh no that hippo there's deer awake you know what my dear get overweight I was fairly uneventful oh man watching Holtzman. Go down oh I could have eaten nails and out an awesome can I go into here oh I can't that's kind of cool that I did lose, water okay I had a blue whale in all great I'm in trouble ah no ah.

These guys oh he turned into a dragon with me that's kind of cool amazing how fast you can get knocked. Back in this game and just by getting a, little bit all the placement and you just get ripped apart like I am so far back now get out of here yeah take another adventure I've captured blitz the riversharks yeah I can't, get second earlier this this is good this is the stuff. Oh bad Fox oh hello hello hello oh I can't why is it why can't I eat anything oh man, my wasn't giving out good good Crocker premier cracker I got my tail bit hey mate that croc oh I got there debugger t oh. This is great i love i love being in the. River here especially when you get guys like this it would try to escape I get ah I can't do it can't see sharks can go on land cuz they're not land sharks now if. There is a tornado over, around then we could probably go inside only this this is good give me that nope I don't. Know just like you you want to press oh this could be good i might be a bleak in this oh you monster I was mine it must be the same tier as. The Rhino now uh okay well I'm going to eat this little mushroom seat there is a nasty little part right here oh, that we kind of go oh see, how fast we you ran out of stuff there okay look at this little little guy okay you know this is fine this is fine we did alright net we did, alright Pemex no tell you what. I'm just going to circle over the top one we're to go through it again what I've been doing kind of cuz there's giant whales did like to eat me and they pay for me maybe they really do, who is it dear in. The water steak another adventure down river lane that make sense bars a rotten this is an elephant not a rhino the testitude to Toronto a two. Tusks and a big appendage enemy's base ok here we go see this hasn't been a look at this this is nice right here that was. A whale I definitely saw a whale and we're not going in, there there was a whale and there was a bigger thing than a whale I don't know. What it was dragon probably hey look it's bears aha bear it Ned oh hello inky I'm, so scared in this cuz there was a dragon don't worry we're all right look at all that XP now you know what but i wanted to do is I want to get this this guy stuck, oh hello car nope oh that's why you're running that's why you're running no no no no good it. Is it a problem haha i boosted to it oh he's fast oh there's a there's a big whale no no. No no no no why how do you do this to, me Ali I pushed me out of the way thank you oh stop it stop it okay I'm tiny again, oh that was lucky stupid swordfish I'm gonna level, up on you I hope you know that come on Mike my eyes got away okay I gotta level up here the hippo way deep, down in the ocean soon as he jumps out I'm gonna bite him in the tail he's trying to trick me into biting. Him in the tail he is he tried to spin who I shouldn't even I gotta kick Ariel. Casso know all that was close that was really close okay you just can eat see dress yeah he's gonna turn it are, you trying to come after me brother you want to do that. I'm just no balls in their wood river ocean this guy is annoying go away trying to grow at me you're gonna. Get eaten by a whale now so to get one this is nasty I don't like this I don't like this mod at all I don't like it because there's, a hippo over there oh if I just ate it thing okay kind of level up I level up on this might be able, to yes killer whale woohoo hello a shark in 10 oh you stunned me oh there's a turf, right I love other turtles Oh pushed on land I forgot I don't this the first time I've ever. Been a killer wait there's a zebra al and zebra haha I bubbled Oh get in it you know I know where you're going I, know where you going nope hello turtle hello I got the turtle I'm, going after you oh you snuck away quickly oh look at this mess Peppa to gets done oh I inked myself stupid dumb ee that's that's. A shark or something got you nice the whole they're cracked it is going after everything want to stun them honest um. Good how do I do this um, what do I what do I do next I want to just snub everyone in here and indeed tank ready get set go, nice that was excellent now they're all stunned where you know I'm a river whale anything cool in the river today please no elephants think I'm the. Same level as, oh there's a dragon oh great oh great get out of here oh man I'm dunzo who doing no no do it get through get through oh you send me again I. You know to hear yes I made it you made it through Oh faster the, dragon comes swimming in the ocean making a commotion do-do-do-do-do-do I made it oh honey that was good stuff that's good stuff glad I get over there oh hello bear. Get out there go get eaten by a crocodile oh oh dragon monkey oh man I I said that dragon up for, a, good meal there there's a giant shark up here I'm gonna try to get him think I might have a good chance, especially gets caught up oh oh man why are you going after an elephant oh great this is not good snelson I wasn't expecting elephant in a river and I get past the elephant, where are you oh it's a lion roar lion rawr you hit me oh there's the olefin again out of here go. Go go go yeah let's go see if there's anything cool the river today again as a pig, not too cool there's no elephant or dragon I guess we're half. With your nothing too exciting yet these things oh that's not too bad I'll leave this relay that box oh shoot oh I got it nice oh, no oh no oh no I'm stuck haha I made you yeah you out here you're right okay so i might not ever. Go into the river again being this guy he's a little bit too big now oh shoot oh shoot get. Not to make any more not too big anymore get out of here get out of here Oh poem. In trouble I'm in trouble haha thank you a little puffer man thanks for. Saving the day save and blitz your honorary member. Of blitz topia what's this giant whale doing like I could just get out of here get out of here that's right till you get away from me when I, told you to get away from me you didn't do what I told you to do so I did what I did. Take that okay let's try one more adventure down the down the room this one isn't as hard to pass as. The other ones get out of here I should have saved that. Should've saved it oh no we're gonna go we're all dragon stay away from the dragon I think the next step is the blue whale for us that.

Would be awesome I'm not going to go not going to get. The dragon you guys watch my other videos you know why because it takes forever and it's no fun I don't like the grinding I just like one. Up who's the big open stay away from him oh we did, pretty good on I'm leveling up from that run we did get a busy did trying to grab some of this stuff I'm. Cool there's a lot there oh okay something's going on up here I don't know what it is I feel, like that's the blue whale all night check this out blue yeah a powerful hulk smash with the tail oh man this is cool, looking at cooley looks I like him for an army of blue whales oh we should probably help here she probably help is that what. Is doing man there's a lot of blue oils oh I, can't eat those guys now hmm I eat the shark meat shirt and go into York. It's not a shark but I'll still eat it the first thing I eat as a whale the snail that's great oh nice nice attack I has you oh oh you gotta I. Was gonna eat little guy don't look at this look. At this look at all that meat oh this is gonna be a huge leveling up my word knows, 100,000 meat that's awesome good uppercut yes now what do we have over here man i wanna i want it i don't know what mall continue oh nice, Oh runway I don't know how to do this I got a trap them again something. I'm at this little shark that little sharkus trap now you got away though aha they're not big shirt, oh look at what used to be a big shirt ok now let's use the steel slap. Or tried to anyway oh you can see really oh it doesn't do too much just dump them a little ok so that's kind of neat you. Can turn a quick and then tail slap let's try that a little. Bit here's Phil the dragon eat this guy because frankly I just can here we go what are you, doing here little guy what are you dealing a rhino man somebody like to eat my tail but you would oh thanks. Dude hey honey you oh I mean that works man there's also stuff Hey Oh fine you like that. I leveled up a little monster Oh or not let you get back oh how did that, happen get out of my hole get out of my oh oh I'm gonna get you I'm gonna what happened to. You oh my god hit boom that's mine that's mine haha all gonna eat you so hard you're. Gonna be deader than dead when I eat you come here hey there's a zebra in my hole yeah it's a gang of the rock yet land land a whale ahoy oh here we go going after. This guy going after this guy yeah. That's right oh you're going to use by a jelly bean big puffy jelly bean fishing boat and get again pulled Oh nope nah, I got you I got you oh you just leveled up your little monster little monster boom. It smash it smash I'm gonna get hit again our type haha drink you do it again no heat I'm gonna be awesome sure come on down don't play. This one time so sneaky ha ha ha right my, faisal I surprise still the dragon isn't coming after me right now I go underneath gotta, get away from Phil the dragon ah there we go hello Eric don't want to die under water and we're gonna try going down the river one time we. Don't get anything cool here I don't know I think we might just end because Idzik taking quite a while and I, don't really it was going really good to begin with others of jam bear bear yep nope there's an elephant Oh, over the same level as an elephant now oh you're kidding me well that'll do, it that'll do it right there oh how do we oh I, didn't get away Jude you work together Oh turd nuggets working together as a team anyway guys that is going to do it for today's. Episode of look that I had a lot of fun with this whale giant whale he's huge and that's a lot of fun so thanks for watching keep your stick on the, ice we'll get you next time you .