Whats up youtube welcome back to the channel this is a game called Moke dot IO and this is actually a newer. Dot IO game and it's actually kind of cool it's got a nice little uh it's different from the other ones that I played so far basically you're a little gear little animal you're in a forest, and you, start out as a mouse and you have to get XP and once you get that XP you can level up into the next thing which I think I don't know, what the next thing is a rabbit or something and then you can eat the mouse and you can you be eaten by bigger things and so then, you become a hunter and they're like berry.

Bushes where you can get experience really quick you have to also keep your water up. So like the interesting thing is like oh no we just got in now we just got into the game dang it so you. Have to keep your water up and so there's water bushes and so essentially like if you're really big and a, bigger guy comes up he will continuously kind of suck the water out of you until you die and so you do. Have like some time and then there's also these little tiny hose here that you can hide in, and this guy is going to become a rabbit and he's gonna come kill me here it comes hurry up become a rabbit quickly before you can come. And get you oh. Gosh oh gosh I'm almost there I'm a huge I'm bigger than they are here we go okay not now. I can eat a mouse I'm a rabbit now I can eat the mouse now that's good to know but if if you hang around these berry bushes for too long they will. Become the next big thing and then you will get eaten by them and, then they can eat the next thing can eat mushrooms and rabbits and so it's very important to kind of stay alert and be aware of the, fact that other people could grow into another animal at any given moment and eat, your face off and sew yep I'm gonna watch out for that this guy is getting. Pretty big he's about though he's about to break hey yo a little mouse yes minute water antec that is very close to ntek do you need a thief even though antec is, a is a brand I think like a computer peripheral brand or something they make something yeah you get back.

An hour little get.

It a little bit of mouse I'm just gonna be out here eating this berry bush getting to the next level don't worries ah this guy is gonna turn into the thing the. Next animal in eat my face yes he's that guy. Is almost look at this guy's hunting me down I'm telling oh my gosh Vivek huge three Jim oh yes i can eat mushrooms and rabbits catch. Prey near food spots yes yes alright so now i don't think you can fit in those holes, now hey hi antec you're so tiny I can't fit over there I. Don't know what that right i think that right the red guys are mice or i don't know i think that guy can eat me so I don't want to be around him, he's not coming after me so yes eat him. So getting these mushrooms oh the next Levela it's gonna take a long time to level up to hope you guys are enjoying these types of games, I uh I really enjoy playing them I have a lot of fun playing them a little mouse yes. Oh that mouse is almost dead okay that thing I think you need me so I'm gonna stay away from that I'm gonna go up. Here and get some water oh gosh oh gosh yeah he can even look at him he's sucking the water out of me know. What the heck you dude ah, I gotta learn the colors and stuff so I know like what can and can't eat me dang it i got rekt he sucked all, the water out of me he killed me there's mokdad I oh he's in his own game mokdad io in his own game this game is, actually a lot of fun it's it's definitely different than the other dad. I out games oh gosh rabbits yeah dude that's risky guys do you not see the rabbits all run away early there's a berry bush, is not being occupied Oh what thought lies you little freakin cheap dude hiding in there okay so staining get to get water, dude was like hiding out in there that's some crap man all right stay away from you dude okay just stay. Away from me you. Jerk yes I'll take that I take that little mouse give me your mere sad person give me all your water get it at home I'm gonna. I'm gonna hang out in here until you pop out actually no I'm not gonna do that he's gonna take you, could pick it stay in there forever the little hiding holes for the smaller. Creatures let's see can we find we find somebody here I need another berry bush oh my gosh what in the heck is that thing that guy's, gigantic he's not even trying to attack people as you know he doesn't have to that he will just eventually get. To such a large size that it will just literally suck the life out of everything okay my water is really low. I gotta get some water get away from me mushroom fill that water back up there we go it's interesting that you have to like. Manage that so you can either get, kills or you can go to the go to a water mater spot like that dude if this were sad guy becomes the next thing before me I'm gonna be so. Mad guess you can't just sit and eat forever huh yes this, guy's name let the heck let's find a different spot oh I almost got him 290 66.5 k what, the heck t so big this game you don't like really get like bigger. You just change colors which is interesting and I don't know here's a nice berry bush oh, yes yes Oh run away oh I can hide in the hole still cool it's good to know all right now I'm, bigger I can eat mushrooms and rabbits I'm here JJ yes yes JJ little JJ alright doing we're doing better now yeah this gives them definitely different than the other dial games that are played. So it's kind of fun. I I like it you guys have to let me know what you think and if you like a. Bug get what what are your favorite dot io games end up here so you can like hide out in some of the bushes I that's kind of it. Seems kind of cheap left you can you can like one jump unlike run faster give me here I don't think they really give you much, when you eat little things like that I'm pretty big hey hey hey little guy yes you will. Be mine get it at all oh it popped out quickly mope do bolt-on.

I are there multiple mopes like unless that guy somehow got gigantic really quickly yeah it's not like you you don't like you know, collect other people's dead button dead guts I can slither and worm or. Max and it's not like you're shooting weapons or anything that guy is so small yet he can eat us. And suck the water right out of us I wonder if you could sit by water bush and like never die I doubt I water spot I doubt that suggests I'm, in ninth place baby just got to get to the next thing just gotta get to, the next thing hey here's a feeding spot, right here schedule hanging up eat hey what's up get away get away get away get away get away I'm so big. I'm almost big enough to become the next thing get away from me now my XP is going down dang it this game is. Freaking hard dude once somebody gets up on you you can't get away from how do you get away from, him you can't it's crazy i was so i was doing so good you know what up 12 dude he's. Literally sucking the XP outta me from the other side of the bush that's craziness that is crazy cheap rigged how how. Do you get how do you get so big and how do you survive for so long I don't get it oh gosh oh they're like multiple guys chasing each other nope, no mo there's multiple moves maybe that's your name if you don't choose, anything probably what it is yeah yeah. Fill up on that water we're good that's crazy though like he was shooting he was shootin he was sucking the. Life out of me from the other side other side of the bush now at the top of the map here lots of water spots but no berry bushes here's some here's, some stuff yeah it's not like as much action in, this game but I can imagine that if you get big enough you and you just dominate the entire board it could get pretty fun if you, can manage hey guys shooting out water why is the shooting out water why do you shoot out water I don't, understand that dude there's a guy here he's hiding in the he's hiding the bush you can't see him but he's there he's in there there he is look, at him see what the crap dude that's so cheap how do you even get in those bushes. Hey no, hit Russian can't hide in here forever you're gonna run out of water eventually Amir did it yeah gotcha I gotcha my eyes, you guys I totally got to I totally got that guy he's just like a let himself beaten oh gosh I was doing so well man it was a ninth-place now i'm at, 29th this is some crap you, new to the game new to the game my man berry bushes or oh gosh no hope we're in a war zone here oh my gosh run away oh. No another one dude this is craziness man get all the way mushroom you can't stay. In those holes forever because you got it you know you gotta come out eventually 777 this game. Is intense actually it's right to eat eat eat eat all a bunch of mice eating berries yeah, this game is pretty intensive actually oh do you not see this guy coming at us did that stay in there okay Oh who's that guy it's no 60 7.9 he's the biggest guy on. The board he's the highest I mean he can kill everybody the next guy is 8k what this guy knows how to, play the game or he's just been in here forever get back to work dude shouldn't you be working right. Now I'm almost out of water once I'm out of water i'm gonna start losing, my life here must find a berry bush must find a water Bushman Oh low, water low water no no no no no no no I'm gonna die I think I'm gonna die water bush yes. Fgh GF did it had not over here he is dead he's dead yep he's a dead man he is a goner he. Actually survived that Simone which is shocking I'm almost to the next animal will I get there there's. A berry bush right up here somewhere there it is I like that I can still go in those holes I wonder like if then the next.

Thing is like come here, the next thing is like the thing I can't hot dang it thought I was going to do, to eat that guy I've waters getting low eat these berries let's go this is like a this is the spot right here man holy, crap how do you get inside the bushes that seems go don't kill me how about you don't kill me look, at no he doesn't even try to attack anybody he just fumbling around the giant idiot he's not an idiot I. Don't even know the guy I shouldn't talk that way about people I don't know yeah like how do you even get in those bushes you can't like fit. Through there maybe you're just so freaking big that that's just what happens yeah like I don't, understand how you do it yeah you were dead didn't you suck the life right now that guy. Costa not coast you again cautious guy who killed me last time my man oh yeah eat those mushrooms look at all these mushrooms, are here yes you don't get any water for the mushrooms are oh oh look at how little life he has left. My sucking the life out of. Them yet nope I am NOT you can't you can't like run after people I mean you can but like you know now Kosta oh gosh I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm. Dead run away run away run away run away run away run away run away okay oh that's a bush. Oh crap can I just get to the next thing so close she. Can't tell me please oh leave me alone bro but we'll fight somebody else stop trying to kill me whoo that was intense man I. Almost died um my man there are, hiding holes you knows what neck some people just let you eat them I don't understand I don't understand that even try to run away I, what I hate about getting almost eaten is that they. Suck your XP out so you have to redo it all over again it really sucks do I wonder when you I haven't noticed but if you are attacking people do you get there XP never noticed get away. From Saenz he's coming after me and he's coming after me, heart says get the crap away I'm so big man I'm so big can't even fit through there wow dude it's craziness man he's he's not. Even that big and yet you can still it's not based on why do you even why do you even change size if you. Are you know I mean like, why even change size if you can't if you can uh you know if you get eaten by small jeez why even change, Simon understand I don't know you could play it safe and just be up here in like the corner something I'm so close to the next one yes. I did I'm pretty the fox hide under berry bushes huh dude what this is how you. Do it you hide underneath the berry bush as a fox that seems so cheap man if I don't move I. Can't see me that's so cheap it's a trick not to let your name.

Show or your body this is so cheap I can't believe this is a thing in this game that's craziness you can just hide underneath berry bushes like that oh dude, you messed up you messed up I will wait for you out here hey come here so, definitely pays to eat people. That's for sure oh yeah I can just go through look at this I can just get all the berries oh yeah yes I'm the facts baby what does the Fox say get, in my belly that's what he says there's like a triple cluster of berries berry bushes that's where I should go. Let's try to find it try, to find the hot spot where people are okay here we go the good thing about where I just wants is that there's a, water spot robot real close by some people are red though they're like red outline, so I must be different than what they are like sayings here oh no I'm dead well guys thank you so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed this episode if you did, click that thumbs up button below feel, free to subscribe if you're new to the channel thanks for watching God bless see you guys in the next, one .